Wednesday, July 4, 2007


Zohar lll, 228a:
The Ancient of Ancients, the Concealed of the concealed, Mystery of Mysteries, when assumed shape, He produced nine blazing lights from his shape, and these lights shine out of him and spread continuously on all sides; like a lamp (or candle) from which light spread on all sides and directions; but when one approaches these lights in order to know them, there is nothing there but the lamp alone. And these are called the holly name of God, and that is why everything is One.

Bahir(S 105;M 157)

The Holly one, blessed be he, has one righteous man in his world, and he (Moshiach) is very precious to Him (G.D). Because he maintains the whole world and He is its foundation. He (G.D) provides for him and lets him grow and cultivates him and guards him. He is loved and treasured above, loved and treasured below; feared and sublime above, feared and sublime below; comely and accepted above, comely and accepted below, and he is the foundation of all soul.
with the clouds of heaven, one like a son of man will come.Moshiach has a life, a name, a place of birth and he is a normal human being like anyone.

A truly remarkable revelation, which align with biblical norm.
In JEWISH belief....No Messiah, No Temple, Hashem said it, I believe it, that is enough.JEWS believe in the coming of the future that is....and that the Temple will not be rebuilt until the Messianic age has begun.
A message from Moshiach.
Do not let go of me after all these ages! For the fruit of your labor and the labor of your mothers and fathers is about to ripen. I am handing my hands to you all , but I feel all alone. I have seen most of you talking about moshiach, but no one is taken the initiative to welcome Moshiach now.

What all jews need to know: During phase 1, there will be NO everlasting peace and bliss, NO resurection.
But the Beis Hamikdash will be rebuild, the in-gathering of the exiles will be active and the cleansing of the nation will take place while we will all achieve sublime levels of spiritual perfection until the Tribulation.

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