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16 AV 5766

Date 16 AV 5766
The Holocaust/Birth Pangs of Moshiach...Truly He will leave them (helpless)Until She (The Mother Of Moshiach) who is to bear (bear Who!!!) has borne;The mother of Moshiach was born between 1930- 1945.Then the rest of his countrymen (brother and sisters of Moshiach)Shall return to the children of Israel. Micah 5 2b

Birth pangs of Moshiach
The Universe operates according to certain supremely powerful principles.
The Noble birth pangs of Moshiach.
The Month of Gemini is parallel with the birth pangs of Moshiach: Sivan
Moshiach was born on the 21st of May during a triple conjunction
Sivan is the third month of the Hebrew (lunar) year, and is Central Column of the air signs.
The controlling planet is Mercury, in Hebrew – Kochav. Kochav’s numerical value is Caf Vav = 26 (the Yud Hei Vav Hei the Tetragrammaton) and Caf Bet = 22 letters of the Hebrew Alphabet, together creating the most powerful and energetic combination.
Mercury is the planet of communication, which means it has the qualifications of an electrical cable, telephone wire, a teacher, an adviser, a story teller - basically anything that can transfer any information from point a to point b.
The letter (Zayin) created the sign of Gemini and the letter (Resh) created Mercury. Together these two letter create the word Raz, whose numerical value is 207 - Light (Or). Raz also means secret (sod) in Hebrew.
Many secrets were revealed in the cosmos during the month of Sivan. Sivan is known as the month of “Matan Torah - the giving of the Torah.” The sixth day of the month, the holiday of Shavuot, is the cosmic day on which we finish the the counting of the Omer and culminates the 49 days that we began counting on the first day of Passover. When the awesome light of freedom was revealed on Passover, this light was given to us with no effort from our side. That is why we “count the Omer”; to build vessels, through correcting our actions that cause the Light to be concealed.
The duality of Gemini is expressed in every area of life. They embody the ability to do more then one task at the same time.

Son of david
Stamp of approval
Do the Jewish people has a protocol in place to welcome Moshiach now?Moshiach has a life, a name, a place of birth and he is a normal human being like anyone.He has been wounded; His soul lay bare on many rocks. He has seen the darker side of life. He will need support, as any fledgling needs support.
Indeed, Moshiach is looking and watching us; he sees us but we don't see him, only because our wall (Lack of knowledge) obstructs his sight.The Messiah will be absolutely mortal, born of a man and a woman [Rambam, Sefer HaVikuah 88]
The king messiah will be like one of us in every aspect, with a mother and a father. He also will be among the people in exile, suffering the afflictions of exile as his brethren.[Abarbanel, Yeshuot Meschicho 3:3]"
In the Talmud a difficulty is pointed out by reference to a distinctly eschatological Baraita22, which describes the events of the septennium preceding the advent of the son of David, and in which is stated 'in the sixth year (Heavenly) sounds; in the seventh year, wars; and at the termination of the septennium the son of David will come', and the Gemara answers 'War is also the beginning of redemption.'
From the Book, THE SAGES by, Ephraim E. Urbach

Analysis from walter Vaughn

Never has so much been written about someone about whom we know so little. Scholars and laymen alike gaze through this mysterious cloud that shrouds the son of David. Detailed and elaborate belief systems bound together by multiple doctrines, dictates, and tales would seem [if it were possible] to confine and contain G-d's anointed.
Although Moshiach's identity may be secret, ancient prophetic passages provide clues to his identity. This web site will focus on the "peshat-simple" and the "sod or secret" nature of the coming son of David.There is no greater mystery than the identity of Moshiach ben DavidMoshiach who is represented by the number "8" waits in hiding. He peeks through the windows and peers through the crevices not wanting to be seen, behaving as if he's ashamed of his appearance. Why does he hide his face from the Jewish community? What is he waiting for? Why doesn't he come already?Unfortunately, he is in no spiritual condition to make himself known. We are taught Moshiach tarries, I believe the procrastination on Moshicah's part is a time of cleansing, reproving, and spiritually preparing himself for his bride, Yisrael. It is in his weakened condition that he is seen as one who stands behind their wall peeking through the windows at his bride, he is lovesick. His outward appearance is as a gentile for it says of him,Many years had passed between Moshe looked in on Israel and his eventual return to lead them out of Mitsrayim. How many years will transpire between Moshiach looking through the window to actually knocking on the door? While Moshiach tarries, Israel sleeps.I believe with perfect faith in the coming Messiah; and though he tarry, I will wait daily for his coming.

"Why does Moshiach "tarry" or procrastinate? In the Tenach, ha sefer Shir haShirim 2:9 [Song of Songs] we are given insight into the early relationship between Moshiach and his bride Israel.Lack of knowledge from the chosen people prevents Moshiach from making his appearance.Why is Moshiach concealed and hidden among the gentiles? Could it have been the Holocaust or some other tragic event that lead to the concealment of the son of David? It's any ones guess what might have triggered the separation but one thing is for certain, in the latter days just prior to the revelation of Moshiach the son of David is a resident of Edom.At last Moshiach makes his appearance! The one who was previously standing behind the lattice is now spiritually strong enough to knock at her door. Why does Moshiach knock? Only a stranger knocks before entering. The owner of the house will not quickly open to a stranger. Moshiach will have severed all religious allegiance with Edom/Christianity (see Modern day Edom) but his love for the people in the Christian community will never be extinguished. This is a universal Messiah who is able to sincerely empathise with people from all walks of life because he is a part of the whole. But, he must return to the faith of his fathers and what he believes to be true. It is written,"Surely I have cleansed my heart in vain,[in Edom] and washed my hands in innocency; for all the day I have been stricken, and chastised every morning. If I had said, I will tell a story like that,[Christian Gospel] behold, I should have offended against the generation of thy children."[children of Israel] Psalms 73:15"The generation of thy children" is the Jewish generation who will witness and welcome Moshiach's arrival. The son of David will have completed his long and gruelling return to Judaism having prepared himself so as to be acceptable before his bride, Yisrael. This is what is meant when he says,"I have washed my feet". Unfortunately, Israel became weary waiting for his arrival. After all many false messiahs came previously knocking at her door.

Moshiach noble name
A universal message for the benefit of the inquiring mind ….To those probing for knowledge and truth.In a vivid – simple and reverent fashioned ; in the world of illusion even stillness is deceptive.
It was written for Moshiach to await his time and to physically reveal himself. In the beginning it is the name of the Moshiach that was created. I have evidence and testimony of that name, the word “D E S T I N Y” is the last 7 letters of the name of the true Jewish Moshiach. May his name endure forever, may his name blossom before the sun.(Ps 72:17)In that hour in which the Son of Man was named in the presence of the Lord of the spirits – And his name is head of days – Ere the sun and the signs were created, ere the stars of heaven were made, His name was named before the lord of spirits. (1 Enoch 48:2-3)
What is the name of king Moshiach? R. Abba bar Kahana said: LORD [Adonai] is his name , for it is written, I will raise unto David a righteous Shoot …..In his days Judah shall be saved … And this is the name whereby he shall be called: The LORD is our righteousness.(Jer. 23:5-6)SHOOT (Tzemah)….MENAHEM( comforter)….YOETZ ( counselor) ….SHILOH….DAVID….ELIJAH…EL HAI….GIBBOR ( hero)…..And Avi Ad shalom [Eternal father of peace)
when the sun explodes in radiating form; the son inherits the mantle from the father.

Michel de Nostredame, later known as Nostradamus, was one of the leading lights of the late French Renaissance. A Jewish-French contemporary of Paracelsus.His parents was forced to convert to catholicism under pain of death.
Nostradamus and the Jewish Messiah:He latinize his last name as:Nostradamus – Q IX 45 Great Mendosus/Mondesus will attain his Empire...Nostradamus – Q IX 50 MONDESUS will soon come to his great reign...
Edgard Caycy came up with his first name as Jhon for english and Jean for french; who is Emanuel.


Djampa said...

"Mon feu br�lera jusqu'� la venue du Messie!"
(Rabbi Nachman de Breslav)

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Very nice! This was a truly great read to me. Thank you very much, my friend.

3nforc3r said...

Very nice. This was a very good read. Thanks for posting, buddy.

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I am here now :)

Nobody can see me

i am preparing my body and soul for whats ahead

The battle is a spiritual one

Thank you for your prayers

I dont expect anyone to beleive this

But i love you all with all my heart

Nobody has the ears to hear me

In their eyes im just a stupid little child

yet to me they appear as the most divine beings in the universe

until they open thier mouth

if you can help me in anyway to get my message out

please contact me

all my love



Anonymous said...

Interesting. So follow your intuition look for the word 'destiny' on U TUBE and seven below that find messiah.

Anonymous said...

verry nice indeed.But when will the messiah come?

Anonymous said...

I kinda have been expecting this in a way...
But I reali dun think da world is going to end...start a new era maybe but the world is not ending.
That's not gonna happen till a thousand years later! Ok, I'm not sure bout that either but that's not the point! The world's not gonna end! Full stop!
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Anonymous said...

me and my wife have been researching 2012 for about 2 years now and have allready started planning they say by 2010 you will see it in the sky and i think thats about the time we will have everything ready we are looking to start a survival group or if anyone else has one that we can join let me know ill check back later thanks
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Anonymous said...

here is what I found on moshiac ben david(not to be confused with the moshia ben aaron of daniel 9)

David says in psalms 18 that this descendant is continuously persecuted by Rome.He will not have the abilities listed in psalms18 or isaiah 11 until G-D frees him by the initial retribution and judgement(Isaiah59 and 63 are about our Father seeing there was NO ONE to bring in righteousness but HIMSELF. the clothing of Is.59 are the allegorical clothing stained in Is63.)

Jacob says in his dying blessings on the tribes that this son of david is persectuted in a land of Joseph,moses says G-D make the arms of his hands strong for him in his blessings.

Micah 5 says that this son of david is the nephew of the son of aaron . a great,great,etc. nephew.

Hosea3 tells us that he will be at least 60 years old. 15 shekels of silver is the redemption money for a man at least 60 years old. the homer of barley dictates nissan 16 as well as the jar of wine.

Daniel 7 and 8,12, show the initial judgement and retribution that frees moshiac ben david occurs after the middle of the time of the end(1967) has ended.45 years from 1967 is 2012.

Then in 2012 is the first winter solstice,then 2 more,2014 then the deviding of the solstices,march 20th 2015. The 1150 lunar and 1150 solar eclipses end on passover 2015.Then ben david comes.

The son of enowsh in daniel 7 is pejorative. It is NOT ben aaron OR ben david. It is the little horn of the wicked being brought before the court. Then the kingdom and dominion is transferred to the nation of Israel.

Isaiah 11 and hosea3 both show that the stick of epraim joining judah is not an immediate process.

Ben david fights wars(micah5) and builds the sanctuary. moshiac ben aaron RETURNS to this sanctuary to be out high priest forever(1samuel 2,micah 5)

The fulfilment of the promise in toto is not an "overnight" thing. we are in the 5960th year since creation, 6000 years is the fulfilment of Israels tribes from the euphrates to the sea.

So the chronology of our moshiacs is this: 29ad Moshiac ben Aaron dies for the covenant of torah and Avraham.

He ascends to our Father(psalms 110- sit at my right hand until I positon the enemy for their downtrodding) and stays ther until ben david builds the sanctuary.(malachai 3, he is BOTH messenger references)

G-D breaks the dominion of the wicked in a multitude of shows of power and pulls him up to the court.Psalms 48 and 50, daniel7, isaiah 14(there are more but these example suffice)

Ben david recieves the power of Isaiah 11 and comes to Israel.
Ben david is also the servant of isaiah42. He is the forehead of flint in isaiah 50. He builds the santuary.

Moshiac ben aaron returns as per zachariah 6 .He teaches us Torah. Isaiah 30, zachariah 12,Isaiah 53.

ben david and ben aaron, two separate people, harmonius understanding between them both.

so...G-D first, then ben david, then ben aaron.

in conclusion, the moshiac of aaron is related to the moshiac ben david because micah 5 says moshiac ben aaron is created by our Father. 1 samuel2 says he must be a high priest and therefore the torah mandates that he MUST come from a virgin daughter of aaron(not the twisted logic of christianity concerning Isaiah7).

Zachariahs two pipes flowing in to a bowl shows that this daughter of aaron must unite(micah5-descendant of his brother) with the house of david(thru zerrubabel).

this how both moshiacs are related.

The son of G-D CANNOT be a son of man or a son of david OR devine.Rome wants us to think he can.He is be our high priest and the sacrifice for the re-instatement of the nation.

The son of david cannot be our high priest.

In then end of the matter, G-D is truely our King(Aveinu Melcheinu) and will write HIS laws on our heart. What we do not understand will be explained by ben aaron(Is,30, Malachai 3)

Anonymous said...

concerning the name of this man:

jeremiah 23 and Isaiah nine are simply saying that when the time is correct(haggai2) The LORD our Righteousness will call this ben david to him.
not that ben davids name is secret or called the LORD our righteousness.

Anonymous said...

Dear anonymous,

What does 1967 have to do with Moshiac?

Anonymous said...

The 6-Day war was a milestone.
Daniel,in the end of chapter 12, asks two questions that are similar in nature yet different.The angel answers twice, both of these answers are descriptive of the same time frames.
The 3 Mowadahs(times) are equivalent to 1290 years. The(this is described as half-time) middle of the time of the end is the 1335th year.
That means that 45 years after the end of the three mowadahs,we come to the middle of the time of the end.Ergo, another 45 years will bring us to the end of this 90 year period.
The mowadahs are said to start when a certain people come to Jerusalem and do the three things listed in 11:32. These were the byzantines(christianity).
632ad starts the mowadahs and 1922 ends them. The partition of Israel for the Jewish homeland came to be in that year by the league of nations/united nations.
45 years later,in 1967,Israel had full access of Jerusalem,INCLUDING the City of David on Mt.Zion.
Well, 2012 came and went and still we do not see the events of G-Ds coming with the judgement as described in daniel 7.
The answer to this is found in the whole of daniels book
G-D tells us (concerning prophetic events) that HE tells the END from the beginning.
For us to understand what to look for after 2012 we need to understand about the winter solstices and lunar and solar eclipses that are mentioned.
In daniel2, Nebuchadnezzar has a dream that,though he cannot recall it,brings him great agitation. The only thing he knows is that this dream is tied to an event called an "Iddawn"..
This is why he accuses his advisors of wanting to stall him until this event passes so they can make some answer based on the avents which will come to pass. Nebuchadnezzar wants the answer right then.
Daniel gives him the answer. The Image will be supernaturaly, fractured and the kindom of Israel will be responsible for the collapse because they will have the dominion.
I doubt that either of them knew that a period of 26 centuries was being address.
In daniel 3 we find out what the "Iddawn" is. Nebuchadnezzar puts a golden obelisk in a circle on the plain(Dura means circle). That is a sundial. At the "Iddawn" the musick was to play and people were to bow. Sunworshippers venerate the winter solstice as their high day. Also nebuchadnezzars dream was a "night " vision

Anonymous said...

In daniel7 we are told that these winter solstices must pass(2 years not three from the first to the third) and the following spring equnox. Then the "judgement" comes.So, winter solsrice 2012, 2014, spring 2015. This is the end of chap7
In daniel 8 we are told that the 1150 lunar and 1150 solar eclipses must end.

The 1150 lunar eclipses started in 1547- official start of the anglican church,the disgarding of the wings of the lion.Beginning of Phillips reign.

The 1150 solar eclipses start with the rebuilding of the wall around jerusalem, omitting Mt. Zion and the city of David.

These end: solar on spring 2015. lunar on passover 2015

Anonymous said...

So... when is the ressurection and what date do you see the solar eclipses starting?

Anonymous said...

The solar eclipses start in jan.1535.Suliman built the wall.NASA has a website that will allow you
to backtrack and count the eclipses from these dates.Remember"the end from the beginning"
Daniel7 is the more future of the dual visions by 12 years.
As to the ressurection?....
I dunno.
Daniel asks the same thing in his second query at the end of chap12. All we have that we can track chronologically is the judgement of the wicked one and the fracturing of the image.This tells us when the Kingdom and dominion of Israel is established and probably the coming of Moshiac ben david.

The angel tells daniel(in the end of chap 12) that when Israel makes the imadge as dust all of what daniel saw shall be finished. There is no date and I expect this is tied to the Day of the L-RD in Zachariah 14. It is a day known ONLY to G-D.

Daniel 7 does mention that when the "little horn" is taken away and the image is fractured the other beasts lose their dominion but are allowed to exist for another time (iddawn) and season(?).

The 4 beasts of daniel7 are incorporated into the 3rd beast,leopard, for its dominion.The end of the little horns kingdom( rome,babel,toes, ,U.N.) comes with the judgement.
The balance of christianity, church of england-lion,russian orthodox-bear,christian orthodoxy in the wings, and all christianity in the world,U.S.A. included, lose their place in the dominion..Islam has long been a confederate and is represented in the wings.(OLD roman/greek empire)
More than likely Gog(a son of rueben out of russia/turkey) is joined in a later confederacy and is part of the Day of the L-ORD in Zach 14 and the final pulverizing of the image.

Anonymous said...

Aren't the 4 beasts in daniel7 the same kingdoms of Daniel 2?

Anonymous said...

No. G-D is not repeating the same info. They are what arise as sub-kingdoms in the main kingdom of iron, starting from the beginning of the last mowadah in 1492(430 years to 1922), they eventually morph into the leopard and starting with the league of nations they become the ten horns and the ten toes of daniel 2. In 1946, the U.N came to the USA and its symbol is the wreath of ceasar.
I guess this is the uprooting of the first three horns by the papacy.

Britain was the first horn,france the second, ireland the third. They met all over europe from 1919 to 1946. After that rome took over and brought the 4th beast to a permanent spot in the USA ,not far away from that big statue of mary sitting in new york harbour(google colossus of rhodes and baal/ashtoreth)

The intifadas in Israel, the 911,the7-7 of england,the chechen/russian problems began to be serious in 1999. Koffi annan was the tenth leader at that time. The little horn was in the backgroung destroying the people of Israel and the "PAW" people.The lion and the bear ,and using islam to do so, just as kaiser wilhelm allied itself with the ottomans.
The house of saxe-goetha married Queen Victoria, the little horn is from the first horn. The association is germany.Vienna holds the crown of the holy roman empire.
In 2005 the german presented himself, in 2012 he went on low profile.He is still in charge just as he was in 1999.

Anonymous said...

So you are saying that Jews believe in TWO Messiahs??? What about the temple or the rapture?

Anonymous said...

Your question speaks volumns.Let me just say this.
I am a Jew. My cousins who run this blog are specifically interested in having discussions about the Moshiac ben David.
As far as the belief of two messiahs: google dead sea scrolls/messiah ben aaron/david.
you should find sites that will give you the outlook of jews in the 2nd century b.c. concerning a messiah from aaron and a separate messiah from judah(david).I think LIVNIUS is a site that will even give you the commentary and where each is found.

I would rather go on to speak of Moshiac ben David in Isaiah 15 and 16.

As far as the rapture: I suggest you get a Tanakh(hebrew bible-I use the new JPS,but there are others as well) and stay there for a few months. The whole prophetic story of the kingdom and dominion of Israel and it's two messiahs are in there.
THEN you can go back to the gospels and see what MIRRORS what you studied. If it doesnt, it is invalid, thanks to constantine.

The worship of a messiah, who is a creation not the creator,is Idolatry and it breaks at least the first commandment, if not the second as well.

Even many of the messianic Jews (and gentiles) who follow Torah, do themselves no good if they do so while committing idolatry.
"nuff said"?

As far as the Temple? well, that would be a long story.I would love to play Toto and pull back the curtain.The yellow brick road has not changed much since the time of Ptolemy Soter, it only went from $32 back in "72 to over $1500 today.

However, the pressures that this site would have to bear from other jews , as well as christianity, would be unnecessary for a site about Moshaic. If the overseers who check contents on this site want to hear such info, such as the anomaly that occurs in the middle of isaiah 28 while G-D is telling ephraim what HE thinks of them and their "covenant of death" and what HE is going to do, they can bring up the question on site.
I would need to go back to the maccabees and Herod the great. Not a short answer.

Shalom, and good reading.

I want to touch on Moshiac ben David in isaiah 16

Anonymous said...

I do not claim to have all the answers of the coming of Moshiac ben David. I see that he has to be at least 60 years old and is connected to firstfruits,nissan 16.
I can see that he must be delivered from this "little horns" power before the monarchy can be established.

I see that he must build the sanctuary in order for the Moshiac ben Aaron to HAVE a sanctuary to return TO,as referenced in Malachai 3.
I really do not know what to make of Elijahs coming in all this, only that malachi states he is relevant. in spirit? in body? I dunno.

anyway, Isaiah 14 speaks of the end of the wicked one.
Is.15 speaks of Jordon afterward'
Is.16 speaks of ben Davids' interaction with the remnant of Jordaon(Moab).
In my Tanakh, the first verse is prefaced with a " hebrew unclear" footnote.
I suggest that this verse is Isaiah giving a future message to ben David about being ready to take in the refugees created by Jordans destructions.
The monarchy of David(tent) is said to exist at that time. He would be the ruler of the land from the geography that is given.

How soon this occurs after his reign starts? I dunno. There is a mention of a three year period concerning jordans temple, but I can only surmise and unsubstantiated allegory is dangerous to our understanding.

AS I said on another segment in this blog: I believe we are in the yr. 5960 since creation. I realize that puts me at odds with both the hebrew and gregorian calendars.

The events of our dominion, and the completion of the Promise-from the Euphrates -seems to usher in the 6th millenium. A 40 (+ or- 2 years) year process. I think Micah 7- according to the time of the coming out of Egypt, refers to this.

The "rub" concerning the correct calendar time seems to be in determing WHEN the 430 years started concerning going into egypt.

I find that abrahams trip to egypt at age 75 fills in this gap best and allows 64 years for a pharoah to rise after the death of joseph and before the birth of moses.

Shalom and Shabbat Shalom.

Anonymous said...

What three things are you speaking of in daniel11:32? Do you mean 11:31?

Anonymous said...

oops.yes. Though basically from when the byzantines act in 632 ad in 11;31 the kings mentioned in the balance of daniel 11 are the progression of the papacy to be the power behind the thrones of the empire.
It is not he that wears the crown that has the power, it is he that has the power to BESTOW the crown.
Even Charlemagne found that out.

Anonymous said...

You say that the christian writings are in error. All thru them the Messiah is mentioned as the Son of David: all this is error??

Even the priesthood of Annas and Caiaphas said that the Messiah was the Son of David.Is not the High Priest supposed to be all knowledgable so that he may teach Israel the right way to go?

Anonymous said...

I will answer your query about the priesthood of Annas and ciaphus with one word.

Channuka has an underlying theme that becomes blurred by the "great light" of the menorah.

The maccabees supposedly began the kingdom by being the fulfilment of the son of aaron that was being hoped for.

Daniel9 calls the moshiac a prince through the use of the word Nagiyd rather than sar. Nagyd lends itself to a person who is a leader of warriors.

So, at the time of channuka the whole vision of the Kingdom was to begin. Haggai mentions the 24th day of the nineth month.Channuka is the 25th day of the nineth month.

However, if the maccabees had been the correct priesthood, then the son of david would have come no later than 200 years ago and the Shoah would have never happened.

Annas' position of high priest evolved from this assumption. ergo; to say that the moshiac from aaron still had to come meant he would have to give up his position to the moshiac that was there then.

Herod the great once again shot for the position of the physical king a hundred and thirty years later by having rome install him in the winter. He then built the sanctuary on a 19 yer cycle anniversary and inagurated it on his anniversary. Then he went on to buiLD the rest of the temple complex.

You will find that if you look at that exchange betewwn the son of aaron and aanas' group you will realize that the son of aaron is saying that the "lord"(adon) of psalms 110 is NOT the son of david.

It was in the interest of rome AND their obediant priesthood to secure the cash cow of a temple,Tiberius' treasure was 20 times greater at his death than when he began.

There is more about how the maccabees fooled(probably a covert agreement with antiochus) many with the "light " story(see psalms 118 and isaiah 9) and their warrior army.This time is spoken of in daniel 11:14.
"the violent of your people shall exalt them selves to establish the vision, but they shall fall"".
The maccabees were castigated by those who knew that their priestly line did not fit the position, BUT they had the army.
The corruption of the priesthood continuously worsened until Rome finally disposed of it and the temple in 66-70ad.

Constantine chose writings that supported a total fulfilment so that people would not be looking for a human king to replace him and his rome.

Let me post this and I will give you the real outlook about"Palm Sunday"

Anonymous said...

In the book of ruth you will find the story of ruth being at the threshing floor. She was given 6 measures of barley to bring home. She bound it up in her shawl.

In exodus 13 G-D gives us the law of the firstborn for passover time. All the firstborn male offspring of the females first birth were to be given to the priests. The cattle, sheep and goats were to be eaten but the rest such as a camel or horse were the priests to use or to give back if redemption money was given (lev.27) The preists assessed the amount.

The donkey, however, a stiff-necked animal, was unacceptable unless a LAMB was given in exchange. If not then the little donkey had to have his neck broken.

Thruout the pentateuch G-d -D calls my ancestors a stiff-necked people.

Zachariah 9 says that our Father himself will ride the donkey as King(similar to abrahams ride with Isaac) into jerusalem.

On firstfruits, the offerings are given and the offspring as well.

The the lamb would be given as the exchange(redemption) for the donkey.redemption that saves the offspring of a stiff-necked people.

Rome would have you believe palm branches were strewn and clothing tossed about.

The poor gave of their gleanings, they carried them in their clothing to the high priest and the landownner carried the sheaves(NOT palm branches).

On that day of the fulfilment of Zach.9 the people were givening these, not to Annas and Caiaphas, but to the messiah of aaron riding on that donkey(with the Fathers' presence dwelling in him, as HE had in past with the other prophets)

That is why the priesthood was having conniptions, the people were giving their gifts to him.

Now do you see why annas would say that the moshiac was Davids son?

Did they not say that the whole world was going after this man and that rome would come and take their positions away?

Did not Caiphas not say that "you know not what is right.It is better for one man to die than a nation". Even though he was wicked, his position as high priest made him speak what G-D would have him say.

The son of G-D can be the son of aaron, he cannot be a son of david or a son of enowsh or adam.

He is flesh. He is not G-D.

Now do you see why constantine would not want the idea of a yet to come kingdom and human king that will replace rome?

Diocletion tried to confront this in around 110ad. did not do him any good.

Anonymous said...

It was Emporer Domitian,not Diocletian that brought the great-grandchildren of mary and Joseph to Rome. Story can be found in "Eusebius' Ecclesiatical History" and in Olyphant Smythes' volumnous work called"Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire-gibbons notes"
Jude, the oldest son of Joseph(Zerubabaels line) would naturally be in line since he was the oldest.His granchildren were brought to Rome for execution because there was a belief that they were a royal family who were to take over the kingdom .

Anonymous said...

Hey Anonomous,
you say that YOUR messiah from Aaron is NOT devine?
Then how do you account for Psalms 110 saying that he is a priest after the order of Melchizedezk.
Melchizedek had NO beginning and NO end.
Doesn't that show christianitys' trinity is correct??

Just WHO are YOU to call me an idol- worshipper???
How dare YOU?
Doesn't that show there is ONLY one messiah.
Doesn't that show that the son of david you say is coming IS the one and the same as christianity teaches??

Anonymous said...

"A soft answer turns away wrath".
When Moses came down from the Mount and destroyed the golden calf,not all of Israel was submissive. There were those who were a menace to him, to the point that Levi took the sword and eliminated 3000 before everything calmed down.

Indignation is a by-product of idolatry, as is the shawmame(stupor) from the shikkots(idol) that clouds our comprehension.You may know this as the "abomination of desolation"(shikkots shawmame),although english translation does nothing to enlighten us as to what it really means.
There has been an "abomination" on mt Zion since the byzantine christians of 632.ad and a refurbishment of that Idol by Kaiser Wilhelm of the holy roman empire in 1910.
It is a monument dedicated to the body and soul ascension of the virgin mary/mother of god.
But all idolatry causes confusion and anger to the worshipper of such.
This is why I answer you so easily, in hopes of you understanding.

As far as Melchizedek: He had a beginning and an end. he was Shem, the son of Noah.

Noah was the priest of HaShem.(G-D), He transferred that priesthood to Shem in his speech to the sons.

Shem transferred the priesthood to Abraham,"according to the speech of melchizedek"
G-D transferred the priesthood to Jacob at bethel, then Aaron and then the Moshiac ben Aaron(1samuel 2:35) for all time.

Davids was promised a son to rule who descends from Davids own body. Moshiac ben Aaron was not so.
One last comment: ALL of Abrahams grandfathers from Noah on down were alive until Abraham was 50 years old.
Shem was alive until jacob was 50 years old. You can count this in genesis.

Anonymous said...

P.S. I suggest that you have gotten your position from the book of hebrews in the christian canon. It is the only writing that says Melchizeded has no beinnng or end.Next to revelation(no bearing whatsoever on what is coming) Hebrews is the worst. When I said to find reflections of Tanackh, I meant the gospels and acts. You will just get even more confused trying to reconcile hebrews and revelation to an already complete story of israel and the messiahs of aaron and david in the Tanakh.

Anonymous said...

Well anonomous,
Thanks for the efforet,BUT,I am not a catholic.I don't worship statues OR Mary.

What does "HaShem" mean?

We are taught that the abomination of desolation is the Anti-christ presenting himself in the Jewish temple as god.You say no?

Anonymous said...

HaShem is what most of Judaism uses for the english word Jehovah. While I personally have no problem with addressing G-D in the Name HE has given HIMSELF from the time of the exodus,I also realize that it would affront the Jews who run this website.I felt since my teshuva(repentance) over 25 years ago,that my ferverant desire to follow HaShems' teachings put me into a position of HE being my Father,Alvienu Melchenu,Our Father,our King.I feel HE gave us that Name to use IT,to glorify HIM with IT.
However, I will not do so in this venue.
As far your not being catholic,I will beg to differ. You are simply a catholic that is still protesting many of the positions of the church.The main one,that of Mary being the mother of god and therefore is necessarily elevated,as a parent would be,above god,is still all trinitarians position, ergo rome really is not concerned>It re-inforces said dogma.
If you believe that the Moshiac ben Aaron is god, and mary was his mother, then you believe that mary is the mother of god,no matter how you would explain otherwise.Some of the etheral,allegorical,yada yada explanations of how this Moshiac was the spoken word of jehovah and then birthed himself as a man are incredulous.
G-D doesn't have a mother and G-D cannot die.
Thus is the effect of the shawmame,I have seen christians froth over being confronted with correct scriptural apologetics and then walk away in frustration,holding onto their dogma, rather than gain any insight on further discussion.
In the past ,such discussions brought a jew to the stake, or the ovens of nazi germany. You do realize that Nazi is a political term? most of germany was Lutheran or catholic.pope pius could not seem to intervene for the jews but he had no problem with a papal bull declaring the curches official position on mary.
I have given my position on what abomination of desolation means.you can look up the hebrew if you doubt.The term ante-christ simply means any other description,other than the correct one, of the moshiac ben Aaron. trinity IS ante-christ.
As I said, the shikkoots has been on Mt.Zion since the christians takeover of jerusalem in 632 ad.
My position on where the House of HaShem will be located does differ from most of Judaism. I say G-D tells us in Isaiah 28 that it is to be on Mt Zion,city of David.Most others say temple Mount(Moriah)
I will finish on this note: The image that nebuchednezzar saw was female.The breasts of silver are female(chady-root word is chadid, meaning mountain peaks,ergo womens breasts.).
The Stone does not hammer the feet of the image.The Stone IMPALES(mecha) the image in the Pudendum(regal means both feet and vaginal area) and thus the image fractures.
This is seems to me to be G-Ds way of saying just what HE thinks about romes virgin mother of god.
The dormition abbey on Mt Zion will be destroyed at the coming of the judgement set in Zaphon(psalms 48 and 50) at the top of Mt Zion(the mount will be lifted up) as the angels descend the stairway created to take the wicked back up the stairway to the Judgement seat.
Moshiac ben Aaron(psalms 110:1) will be there with G-D. It is also important to realize that this Moshiac ben Aaron is called the Nagiyd of the covenant, in daniel 9 as well as daniel11.
Sar is usually used for angels or prince,nagiyd has a special significance in that it gives this person headship over a host.I assume it will be ben Aarons place to SEND the angels to sever the wicked from among the just.
Later, after Moshiac ben David builds the House of G-D on Mt.Zion,then Moshiac ben Aaron comes WITH the angels to gather the righteous to Israel and the House of G-D.
The stick of Epraim is joined to idols(christianity).It will be a little while until ephraim realizes his god will not deliver him 'cause his god does not exist. THEN, ephraim will cast away his idols and repent.THEN the two sticks will be one and ben David their king.

Anonymous said...

i'm confused.you say that this dormition abbey is the abomination of desolation and that it has been there since 632ad.
You also said that daniel11:31 is about the byzantine christians in 632ad.
My bible,a King James, says in daniel11:31;

"They shall pollute the sanctuary of strength
they shall take away the daily sacrifice and set up the abomination of desolation."

Isn't that polluting of the sanctuary a reference to the moslems and the dome of the rock?

Also, since there has not been a jewish temple since 70 ad how could there have been a daily sacrifice to stop??

Isn't this a reference to a future temple in our time when an anti-christ takes over the temple and stops the sacrifices?

Anonymous said...

I am wanting to discuss more of the Moshiac ben David in pslams 2,118,Isaiah 11 and 32, but I can see your dilemma.
I tend to talk as if I am speaking to Jews. We know what the hebrew says,rather than depending on translations and about our history,which,is about what prophecies have already been fulfilled.Every religious jew probably speaks better hebrew than I.Understanding biblical hebrew has been an arduous journey for me, but none-the-less rewarding.
I have hesitated about giving you examples of all the info I have mainly because it would clash with others jews: however,
If we , as Jews,say that "to save one life is to save the world" and something I could say could draw a person from idolatry(a proscribed offense) to life, this is a mitzvot....NU?
An even greater mitsvot if the person salvadged ends a being a seed of Jacob...NU?
So,I will try to be short and concise on mt answer, but a foundation needs to be laid to aid in christian understanding.

To answer your questions one needs to know the correct prophetic place for the death and burial of the Moshiac ben Aaron.

Jacob(gen.28) journeys from beer-sheba. Pillows his head with a stone, dreams of a ladder,wakes,elevates the stone, pours oil on it(psalms tell of the anointing oil of Aaron dripping from his head onto his beard), and says that this STONE(not this place) is the house of G-D.He was apx 71 years old.

In genesis 49,apx75 years later, in Josephs blessing, he tells of the son of david.(A span of over 3 1/2 millenium.) compares him to a bowman with arrow drawn and ready to fire, being barraged by other archers as he waits for the right time. G-D reaches around him and grabs the arms of his hands to give him the strenth to hold on.

Then, is the shepard
Then is the stone of israel.

psalms 118 is about Aarons house(and israel) it is also about the events of the Moshiac ben david as well.I do not know who composed this psalm but it is a reference to the coming son of david and his toughts on his life and the stone. The stone rejected by the builders(temple leaders) has become the chief cornerstone.

Isaiah 28 has G-D saying that In Mt zion(isaiah2) HE will lay this stone, it is a stone that has been tried in the courts(Is.53 by oppressive judgement he was taken away) a sure foundation, a precious one.

So, by this you know that the moshiac ben aaron is the stone, the place of the house of G_D is where the stone is to be laid...in Zion just as isaiah 2 says.

The place of the death and burial of Moshiac ben Aaron is to be Mt Zion(city of david-Amos says G-D will raise up the fallen tabernacle of David)
The foundation of the sanctuary is to be where this stone is laid. Mt Zion.

Now, with that in mind, I wll go on to explain just what daniel 11:31 is actually saying.

Anonymous said...

In 600ad Emporer marcius set forth an official declaration that mary was the mother of god and that she rose body and soul to heaven.Proir to that various sects already believed such, but it was not yet official dogma of the empire
Marcius' general ,Heraclius, had a son also named heraclius and the general rid constantinopol of marcius and installed his son heraclius as the new emporer(those that eat of his table shall destroy him) this effort is described in the preceding verses of dan.11:31.

Both Mohammed and the new emporer came to power in 610 ad. The two kings that sit at the same table (verses before 11:31)is either a reference to the byzantines helping to raise mohammed to power, to offset saudi arabia and persia, or it is about heraclius bribing the persian ruler to fool jews into believing that if they fought for persia this ruler would give them autonomy in jerusalem.
In 614 persia took j'lem from the byzantines with the help of a jewish army. The persian leader then reneged on his promise to the jews.
When Heraclius came to take back jerusalem in 632,he then had an excuse to rid the city of its jews.
Mohammed also died that june.
heraclius destroyed over 50 synagogues, INCLUDING the one built and maintained by jews that believed that Moshiac ben AAron had come. It was built on mt Zion where the death and burial took place and had been ther from 200 ad(apx.)
Heraclius killed every jew he could find, the justification being the jews siding with persia and gave an order that thruout the whole kingdom jews were to be converted.He also showed favoritism to the gentiles at the church of the holy seplucre(to those that forsake the holy covenant)

Since mohammed was dead, heraclius figured the hegira was irrelevant(ascension of mohammed from the rock on temple mt circa 622).He then made that rock on temple mount a place to dump their excrement.
"Pollute the consecrated rock," not sanctuary.

The destruction of the house of G-D on Mt zion is the " taking away of the PLACE of the sacrifice", i.e. the place of the sacrifice of Moshiac. Not daily sacrifice.

The last one"placing the shikkoots shawmame on the place of the sacrifice" you are already aware of. The dormition abbey.
Now that you know the story you can reconcile with what is said in the gospels of the time of the shikkoots.
Jews are told to flee judea when they see that happen. Many did not and died by the bizantines hands.
from that time there have been many false Moshaics declared. Shabbathai Tzvi converted many jews to islam in the 1600s. christians have also had their own as well,including false kings of jerusalem like the leper king baldwin in 1100s.
there is more about the book of daniel I discussed in the segment called Birth pangs.

Anonymous said...

psalms 118:
This is one of those dual reference prophecies(like Micah 5) speaking of both Moshiacs.In the case of this psalm, unlike David speaking of his descendant of the future,HaShem appears to be giving us the Moshiac ben Davids thoughts(as well as instructing him in a sense, as isaiah 16 does).
There is the beginning reference to the houses of Israel and Aaron and then the association with the "stone"in verse22. This is more of a future reference of the actions coming on Mt Zion in our time as well as the past reference to Moshiacben Aarons rejection two millenium ago.
Other than these, the rest of the psalm is descritptive of ben David.In verses 5 thru15 he has some type of distress, possibly related to what is described in Psalms 18:2-7,19,20.
The deliverance of HaShem comes in verse16 similar to psalms 18:8-17.In psalms 18 we see that deliverance is accompanied by a tsunami,in verse 18:16.
We are also given some additional insight to ben Davids life. In 118:17&18 ben David mentions that at one time he was living unrighteously, but turned from his sin.HaShem had punished him(by the rod of men according to other references,unlike saul) for his sin, but did not hand him over to death.
I will leave the possible translations of what verse 27 actually says to others.Only mentioning that the cords mentioned actually mean an "unbinding". sort of a reverse as to what is being put forth.

Psalms two is usually thought of by christians as being a reference to Moshiac ben Aaron.Actually they see ben Aaron everywhere. This is because there is no teaching to them on how to distinguish for TWO moshiacs rather than one.
Psalms 2 deals with our time and Moshiac ben David.The thoughts of the enemy speak of breaking the cords of Israel from themselves. Israel has not been in that position since Solomon.Therefore the king spoken of is ben David of today. Ben Aaron ,while being a nagiyd and high priest, cannot be king and wear the crown.
The thought of verses Psalms 2: 8 and 9 seem to link to the subject of psalm 110:verses 5 thru 7. HaShem is at the right side of ben David in psalm110:verse5. HaShems actions, in drinking by the brook with uplifted head refers to the time of gideon and midian when the 300 brought the water to their mouth. This connects us with Isaiah9:3...as on the day of midian.
This ides of HaShem being at the right hand shows us that this part of the psalm refers to ben David, not ben Aaron. Ben Aaron,in verse one, is at the right hand of HaShem, therefore ben Aarons left hand would be at HaShems right side and nothing would be at ben Aarons right.

Isaiah 11:2-4 gives us insight in the sense of how ben david leads. His ancestor David was a man of sling and sword. Ben David appears to be one of speech.
He speaks destruction to the enemy and HaShem provides it. He extinguishes the enemy, by HaShem, as if blowing out a candle. Therefore the eyes of man are on HaShem rather than the man.Perhaps this glory is what Moses did not allow when he struck the rock the second time instead of speaking to it.

Isaiah 32 speaks of ben David in verse one. The concept of what is being described in verse32:10 &on, may be linked to Isaiah 29:1

Anonymous said...

Moshiac ben David in Isaiah 50.

Isaiah 50 seems to be mostly about ben David.The main subject is found in the verses 7-11.
There seems to be a brief mention of Moshiac ben Aarons circumstances in verse 6 ,and its' appearance is not as easily explainable as HaShem suddenly speaking of The stone of Zion in the middle of isaiah 28. There we can conclude that the covenant of death that Ephraim(brought into a religous and political context) enters into, is the peace process of today:an attempt to make Israel a more homogenous nation for all three religions,rather than a singular jewish nation. Ergo, the covenant of death that HaShem says HE will annul(Isaiah 29) must be about a different placement of the House Of HaShem.i.e. Temple mount.
The short explanation of verses 7 thru 11 in is.50 is that benDavid says that his face is like flint and we read that those who strike at him do so in the dark(covertly) initially, but strike so hard and so often that they create a light from sparks as one would do when striking a flint. Thereby illuminating the wicked and their actions AND illuminating the person they are striking to the eyes of those who normally would not have observed such subtrifuge.
That's the short answer. We would miss how HaShem uses this to suit his purpose of we do not take a more concise look.
Ben David is the subject in many of the verses of isaiah chaps.42 -51. Cyrus's actions come into play in isaiah 45 but they are brief in comparison to the profile HaShem puts forth of ben David in the balance of the verses.
Who are the "strikers" of chap50:11? They would be the archers genesis 49:23. Who are the archers? Nimrod was a mighty hunter(though he descends from Ham) and he built Babel.
Babel is when all nations spoke the same language. However ,today ,that is again accomplished by the league of nations/United nations,the 4th beast of daniel.
If you compare the profile of the 4th beast to the iron kingdom in daniel2 you will find a paralell.
So the U.N. is babel(spoken of in isaiah 47 and 25),
The leader of this beast is the leader of the iron kingdom, the papacy. A new(little horn) Pope takes office in the time of daniel 8. daniel 8 covers the sub-kingdoms of ptolemies morphing into the ottomans whose sub-kingdom was dismantel in WW1 by the beasts of daniel7under the auspices of the league of nations.
We are told that after this dismanteling(1919) a pope will arise at the time of the tenth leader of the league/U.N and be:
dan:8:25,cunning, using deciet successfully and 8:23 says that he is versed in intrigue(covert actions).
So,...the persecutions ben david experiences come from this popes covert actions. However, because HaShem upholds ben David up(arms on his arms keeping bow drawn) it becomes neccessary for this pope to increase the persecutions and general indignation as a person striking a flint,frustrated that he just can't seem to come to success.
What is interesting is ben david is initially unaware of the why and where of his suffering. let me start a new entry about isaiah 42.

Anonymous said...

"telling the end from the beginning" is applicable to Isaiah 42. The beginning of ben davids life (after the repentance of psalms 118) shows an ignorance of what HaShem is actually doing and why.This is show in the latter part of chap42.42:18 says that ben David(servant) is blind and deaf to his circumstances but that eventually HaShem will vindicate him.
Going back to isaiah 50:verses 8 and 9 show that ben david is suffering but never as a verdict from a court appearance.(christians should realize that this alone should nullfy the idea of this being about their messiah).
If we go back to the beginning of Is.42(the more future events) we are told that at that era of vindication ben david is said to be "bruised as a reed ,BUT not broken,his wick is dimmed,BUT not snuffed out"(again, this eliminates the christian messiah as well as ben Aaron).
Ben david, evidenty, has become aware of all his circumstances and has some type of teaching called"the true way".Is.42:1-4.HaShem continues to speak to ben david of his rewards.
In Isaiah 49;1&2, although the tanach attributes this to Israel in verse three, it just does not match the overall gist of what is being said.
Somewhere, in the time frame of ben davids vindication and awareness and his previous ignorance of being the "blind and deaf servant" to his circumstances,he gets despondant, thinking his suffering has been for nothing. verse 4"I thought:I have labored in vain.I have spent my strength for empty breath(as in breathing life into a nation of Israel).
From verse 4 - 13 we have HaShem answering him.
My tanakh says that the meaning of the hebrew in isiah47:14 is unclear. I suggest that it has something to do with ben davids action as the vindicated leader after the intial fracturing of the image.Israel is said to be the catalyst for the image then becoming a chaff.Expressed in Daniel2 and Daniel12.
I will make the next entry referencing the Destruction of babel in Daniel7 ,Isaiah25 and 47, and the end of the shikkots on mt zion.
Then I will finish with an observation of a possible connection between isaiah42:1-4 and zachariah3, and psalms 118.

Anonymous said...

Daniel 7 says that the U.N.(4th beast) is destroyed by a shower of fire.
Isaiah 47 says that babel has a heavenly visitorcoming (a coal not to warm oneself by) that it will not be able to bribe away .babel will also not find help in their prognosticators(NASA,etc).
Isaiah 25 speaks of the total destruction of a city,i.e. new york and the end of the vail that is over the eyes of the peoples(shikkoots).
it is at this time that I believe psalms 110:3a Your people shall be spontaneous in your day of "battle,power"?(perhaps vindication?)
Isaiah27 speaks of the crushing to powder of ALL idolatrous items in Israel .since the shikkoots is part of this ,then Isaiah.27 is speaking of that time. The question is: will HaShem eliminate ALL of christinitys icons, churches, crosses,etc. HIMSELF, (islam has no such items)or is the "spontanuity"spoken of in palms 110 a human effort by Israel and ben David. That "price" mentioned: will it be paid HaSem alone or by human actions aided by HaShem.
We will have to wait and see.

Anonymous said...

Psalms 118 shows that ben David was a man of teshuva.
Zachariah 3 shows Yahoshua standing the the presence of "the accuser".The angel of HaShem states that someone has been salvadged..."a brand ,plucked from the fire".
Yahoshua was in the position as high priest with zerrubabel as governor. He descends from Zadok as ezra did.
Haggai mentions to zerrubabel that HaShem compares the works of the others with him as as to one made unclean by a corpse.
Whether or not this includes Yahoshua I am not certain.However:
Further on we are told that Yahhoshua is part of the two crowns. aaron cannot rule and there fore has no crown. Zachariah 6 speaks of this.
Zachariah 4 shows the yoking of Aaron and david.We have already discussed this in the relationship of ben aaron to ben david, deliniated in micah 5.
Logically then, whether the repentance spoken of in zach.3 is yahoshua, or could be a reference to ben david in psalms118, we see yahoshuas line being part of the two of the bowl of zach4.Culminating in mary(aaron) and joeseph(zerrubabel).

having said this, what is the position of the "filthy garments"? If this is not a direct description of yahoshuas condition, it could be a description of yahoshuas descendanct in the Moshaiac ben david, as the two crowns logically are.
The term "filty garments" seem to speak of the wearing of excrement.
IF this is a FUTURE salvadging spoken of, as in the repentance of ben david ,AND,Isaiah 42 says that ben david is struck by something that "bruises him, but not breaks,dims him, but does not snuff him out", then, is this a description of some future ailment of ben david?

David prophesies that his descendant is spared from violence, though psalms 118 declares that HaShem afflicts that descendant because of his early unrighteousness.We know that HaSehm says that in bringing the sons of david to repentance HaShem uses the rod of men to get and keep them on the straight and narrow.

Perhaps this bruising and dimming, given its late appearance at the time of ben davids "teaching the true way" and vindication, is unrelated to earlier admonishments. but meant as simply another sign for us to witness to the validity of this moshiac.

The connection to excrement could be some sickness associated with the bowls?

This segment is mainly for others to contemplate as I do. There are too many variables to make a connection to the excrement mentioned in Zach 3and a direct connection to isaiah42s bruising of ben David.
I guess time will tell once we get to the abilities of this man in isaiah11:1-4.

The good news for this moshiac, if this is truely a reference to him and not yahoshua, is that
he may have a healing coming ;spoken of in the ceremonially clean garments that are attributed to yahoshua in Zach3

Shalom and Shabbat Shalom.
Tov Pesach

Anonymous said...

I have to tell you that a pentecostal background does not lend itself much to this lost tribes stuff.

On one hand you say that the Iron Kingdom is the catholic church and the U.N , and that this last pope from Germany is still in control.

On the other hand you say that Isaiah 28 is about Ephraim being involved in the peace process of Israel.

As far as I can see it is the U.N. and the USA that are primarily involved in the peace process.

Are you saying that Ephraim is Germany??

Anonymous said...

Ephraim is not Germany.
As I said before,this site is one dedicated to Moshiac ben David,primarily.However, since I happen to feel that Moshiac ben David is the one described in Isaiah 28:11-12, I can justify giving a little background on Ephraim.
Christians who read this chapter,especially pentecostals should be prepared to study the hebrew.
If you want to do a profile on the tribes, you should have a concordance, a KJV bible and a Tanackh to compare what is being said.
Ephraim is listed multiple times so understanding not just where they are, but what they are is important. I am not going to do an exaustive study on the tribes of Ephraims' stick(Ezekiel). I will simply point them out.One can do their profiles,especially paying attention to the blessings of Jacob and Moses.
It IS necessary to expand a little on Ephraim for this explanation of Moshiac ben Davids involvement.

It is almost ironic when you consider the familiarity that pentecostals would have with Is.28:11-12.
They interpret the phrase" ....in a stammering tongue and another language will I speak to this people" as a reference to the day of Pentecost in the book of Acts(Shavuot).
However, there is error in their understanding of the "tongues" that are spoken. They are not some babbling heavenly language, but specific(16 of them) languages for the Jews of the diaspora that were there for Shavuot. Hebrew was their common language ,but according to Acts, they heard about Moshiac ben Aaron in the language of their respective countries of residence.
Having said that, what is being said in verses 11-12 has nothing to do with this. It is about a conversation that a person is having with Ephraims religious and political heads.
I feel that this person is Moshaic ben David.
The scenario is this:Epraims response to what Ben david is saying is in verses 9-10.
Ben David is saying "This is not the time for a peace process.It is the time of the coming of the Kingdom(my paraphrase)"
Ephraim responds by saying"to whom would HaShem inform of the correct time if not to us? Would he tell someone who comparatively is just weaned from the breast rather than us and our long history of understanding(my paraphrase)?"
They liken ben David as a baffoon, a clown. He speaks to them in a language of a certain foreign nation. Ephraims' stick represents countries of many languages.
So, that's the overview of Is.28:1;13.

Ephraim is to be a multitude of Nations, according to the blessings of Jacob on Ephraim and Manasseh.
Joseph was given the birthright(administration of the lands) that had belonged to Rueben. While Manasseh recieved two portions of land in Israel,as the double portion to ther firstborn requires, you should notice that it is Ephraim who does the administrating of the tribes inheiritance. Joshua is from Ephraim. Samuel, who annointed both Kings, is from Ephraim.

Ephraim is Spain. Spains actions accumulated a multitude of nations from Europe, the Americas and Islands, such as Puerto Rico. These are now all separate voting nations of Babel(UN).Unlike England(Manasseh) Spains' intercourse with its colonies was just as mush a physical one as commercial. They spread their seed everywhere. Englands' actions were more commercial.
The USA is the only nation that contains BOTH sons.Manasseh from the center of the USA thru canada, and Ephraim,from the center and below,extending thru all the americas.

let me continue in another segment.

Anonymous said...

Take a short look at Noahs dissertation concerning his sons. Japheth was to gain prominence in Shem, Caanan was to serve them both.
Nebuchdnezzars image contains ONLY 4 kingdoms. There were many sub-kingdoms subservient to these 4, but only the leaders of the 4 truley influenced what was happening. Each metallic kingdom morphed geographically (and expanded geograpically) into the next. The multitude of sub-kingdoms and their borders and religions change, as did the religions of Greece and Rome.

Assyria(prior to the image),Babylon,and Persia were from Shem. Greece (Javan) and Rome(Kittim,son of Javan) were from Japheth. Canaan can be found mostly in Islam. Not all Moslems are Ishmael(arabs).

Remeber that nebuchadnezzars "stump" had bands of Iron and Brass(Javan and Kittim), not silver.

So, today, we have the stick of Ephraim(and the stick of Judah) in the Iron Kingdom/UN. Japheth is to be prominent and such is the papacy.
germany, to me ,is a bit of an enigma. Japaeth is already in charge thru Kittim. This last german Pope,referenced to the sons of Enowsh(genesis6) fits the profile of the time, Given what is said in genesis 6, that the nephilim were the "Fallen"(not specifically giants), it appears they also co-habitated with the daughters of men and produced the line of the Enowsh.
Therefore, germany produces this son of Enowsh, but may not specifically have to be from Japaeth. There are more learned men than me who could shed a better light on this subject of germany. I am limited in any germanic history. It seems to me that long ago I read something that involved Germanic influence in the line of Ceasars, but I cannot express that in a concise manner.
Isaiah 14 then speaks of Lucifer as "fallen" and then discourses about the person who is the son of a fallen. Conclusion would be that Lucifer is repsonsible for this present son of Enowsh. He may not have to be traced from Japheth.
Moshiac ben David, accoring to Davids psalm 18, does not recieve prominence until this son of Enowsh is brought to HaShem in judgement.The son of man in Daniel7 is a son of Enowsh, not Adam.
In conclusionz:

The stone of Zerrubabel is a signet ring not a plumbline, HaShem says that engraves it(with the 7 tribes names) The stone(probably lapis lazuli-Joseph) is said to be(in jeremiah 31:22) surrounded,like a bezel by the daughter described in the abover verses. There is a play on words Nebach, nebacha,( female,bezel) in the verse said to be a woman surrounding a valiant man(ben David).
The ring contains the 7 "oils"-tribes engraved on the stone.
So Judah wears the ring, joseph is the stone with ephraim as the bezel, and the 7 tribes are Asher(france), naphtali(?), benjamin(?), Gad(netherlands), Zebulon(Norway-possibly sweden-finland), Itssachar(switzerland),Dan(Denmark-belgium area).
Rueben is not included as a functioning tribe in the end.Rueben is Russia.Gog is from rueben.
Since the USA fits the profile of Joseph and Jacobs prophecy puts the Moshiac ben David originating in Joseph, then logic says Moshiac ben David is an American and the foreign language he speaks to Ephraim is probably English.

The initial leadership with the tribes is from the Stick of Judah. Judahs stick contains a remnant from ALL the tribes and is in Israel today.Ephraim must go thru a judgement that removes the idolatry from their midst before they join with Judahs stick in Israel.

Anonymous said...

I am having a problem with this signet ring scenario.
You say that ephraim is the daughter/bezel of the stone, but the reference is to a man.
You said that Ephraim will come to israel later after leaving idolatry, but the son of david comes to Israel after the initial judgement.
So how can Ephraim be there to be the bezel of either man or stone?

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I left out additional scriptures and explanations.

The signet ring reference is twofold.
ben David is refered to "as" a signet in Haggai2 at the end of the chapter. HaShem says that HE will draw this man close to HIM(opposite of coniah being a signet ring plucked off HaShems hand and tossed far away jeremiah 22:24)
HaShem says in jeremiah 30:21 that HE will draw this man close to HIM, otherwise how else would he dare approach HaShem(this is a Tanackh reference,the KJV will not convey that thought)
The word used to describe this man is not Melek(King) but mashal(leader).
So though moshiac ben david comes to israel, the unification and Kingship of ALL is Israel is a still future event.Hosea 3,Is.11:11,jeremiah23:8;31:27-40;33:12-16 and ezekiel 34:23.
( a good look at israel/ephraims leaders is in Ezekiel34:1-22)

The reference to ben David WEARING this ring is in Zachariah.Chapter 3 describes the stone with the 7 "oils" these are the 7 tribes I described earlier. They are found in zach4. The two sons of oil are Aaron and David, the descendants of Aaron thru Joshua and David thru zerrubabel . Zerubabel had 5 children and he represents ,basically the whole house of david. Zerubabels and joshuas descendants come together in Joseph and mary for the specific house of david that will produce the specific Moshiac ben David, The whole house of david is numerous. They are represented as the oil that flows thru the 7 pipes. In other words their presence is in the 7 tribes of the ring.

What seems to occur first in the 7 tribes of Judahs stick is ben David coming to Israel and leading Judahs stick, according to Micah 5:3-5. He will be mashal but not the king that is recognised by Israel/ephraim and Judah together.(7 shepards/8th priciple man)
Perhaps similar in time to davids reign in hebron over judah and then in total in jerusalem.
Then the signet ring is worn as described in zach4;10 "does anyone scorn a day of small beginnings...the stone on the hand of zerrubabel(ben David). The small beginnings may refer to the initial conquests of this man with Judahs stick.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the insights on Ephraim. I had already had some familiarity with the league/united nations from WW1.
When one realizes just how many catholic votes are in Spains colonialization,now all separate countries, it is not hard to see how items brought up for vote can have the decked stacked against them.

WW1 brought additional catholic nation-states like poland, formerly a russian land(romanov).11 differnent european states were drawn, many with catholic majorities. Add these to the many of ephraim, add the balance of the protestant england and russian orthodox nations from the romanovs, add the structuring of the ottoman empire into separate countries(controlled by france (catholic) and britain and the leopard has quite a stacked deck against all great nations.
The Nations of Islam seem to be deliberately draw up to pit sunni against shiite by uniting them with in the same boundaries rather than letting them have separate countries and keep a better peace between them.

Surely, ancient and great nations like China and India, with populations of over a billion each, ccould see what a suckers move joining the UN is. El salvador has 15 million people, but the same voting power as china and India.
The USA, Britain, France Russia, all with smaller populations yet great military power, dumb themselves down to the level as little lithuania.

Somethings wrong with this picture.
Begs the question as to "why" would these leaders, especially china and india, agree to minmize their powers.
I understand the conspiracy of the leopards unification, but not China and India.

Anonymous said...

Well, I would suggest the reason is not ineptitude on China and Indias part. Both have hundreds of years of successful recorded governing histories. Even at the turn of the 1900s, after having rid themselves(apparently) of christianities corruptive influence,i.e. british empire, I am sure they looked at the centuries of insane warfare of christianity and Islam and would have rather formed a defense and economic pact between their two countries, rather than go right back into a relationship with the leopard.
Neither china nor india have religions that are connected to jerusalem.1300 years of christian against moslem, moslem against moslem, protestant against catholic, and then finally catholic and Islam against the protestants ,should have shown them it was crazy to involve themselves with nations that eventually never get along.

I suggest that the answer is the "stick" of the "carrot and stick" policy.
Technology: one that has long hidden what weaponry is really out there.
I'll not get into a long drawn out discussion. My opinion is that Kaiser Wilhelms' Germany was and is the technological center of the iron kingdom. I suggeat that einstein gained his insights from the patents for these parts of the technology and developed his theories from them. Not the other way around. I suggest that the Tanguska meteor of 1908 was no such event. It was simply a nuclear device delivered by derigible to put forth a "sign" of the coming kingdom.
The motto of the league/united nations was "beat your swords into plowshares".
So, even today, with China and India having the WMDs as other nations, there is a threat by Rome that neutralizes that advantage.
I won't drone on as to what it is. It is probabaly an all- encompassing group of technologies, not just one specific weapon.
This control is exactly what Moshiac ben David faces as well.
Just one example, then I will stop:Isaiah 14:16 says that this son of Enowsh has the power to LITERALLY shake kingdoms,i.e. earthquakes.
My eighth grade science teacher showed us how to create a magnet by wrapping a copper wire around a rod of iron. You reverse the polarity when you reverse the direction of the current.
Cern is the center of the Savoy dynasty that was allied with the papacy.
Underground there is a particle collider.
They work it by constantly redirecting its' current. It is an oval that surrounds a great amont of earth just like the copper wire surrounded the rod.

This is one of the reasons why HaShem, HIMSELF, must first nuetralize the "little horn". There is no man with that capability.

Anonymous said...

>>>>>>>>Also, since there has not been a jewish temple since 70 ad how could there have been a daily sacrifice to stop??

Isn't this a reference to a future temple in our time when an anti-christ takes over the temple and stops the sacrifices?<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

So if Moshiach will build the future temple, The so called anti-christ you are talking about, will do what to moshiach Ben david.

Anonymous said...

reply to anonymous june 13 2014 concerning"anti-christ"

Ante-christ simply means a replacement moshiac.A dogma that is not the true position of Moshiac ben Aaron.

Christianity is such. It is ante-christ.

The Moshiac ben Aaron is a man.He will be our High Priest forever.
He will marry and have children, according to Isaiah, when he returns to officiate the sanctuary ben David will build.

The ante-christ is headed by the son of enowsh(daniel7).
Both christianity and the son of Enowsh(daniel7 and isaiah14)will be destroyed.

There will be no one to do anything to the son of david or to the sanctuary he will build .