Sunday, June 15, 2014

         Israel is 66 years old & Moshiach is 49 turning 50 years   old on Lag B'Omer (37) 5774.

The chain will be broken and the gate will be open when Moshiach reach 50(jubilee) years old.
There are 50 gates of return. Of these, 49 are gates through which every person can pass and gain access to what is beyond. The fiftieth gate, however, is that of God’s own return.
49 gates of return is parallel to the 49 letters in the Hebrew names of the 12 tribes of Israel. Therefore, each gate of return is associated with one letter in the names of the tribes.
Every person has an inner desire to experience the awe of God. But not every person is worthy of returning to God. Even if a person has an inner awakening to return, he or she may not be able to reach the letter and gate that pertains to him or her. Moreover, even if he or she reaches the gate of return, he or she may find it closed.
The gate is closed to any Jew associated with egoistical desire. If he or she is a patriarch or a matriarch associated with egoistical desire, the rest of his or her family is doom. And that makes every living Jew the gate keeper for the rest of the world or the human race.
Moshiach(MBD=42) from the tribe of Judah will come with 100 blessings that will be spread to every living Jew. It is up to any Jew to spread the light to the rest of the world.
The names of the twelve tribes of Israel contain 49 letters……
Three letters associated with Moshiach is being repair: the bottom part of Aleph which equal 1 or 1000, The Vav which equal to 6 and the SHIN which stands for fire. These three letters are being reinstated with their full energy. Balance is now established and Moshiach is fully wake up.


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Anonymous said...

I am too ignorant to answer to most of this post.

The only hint to Moshiac ben Davids age I can see is in Hosea 3.
The 15 sheckels of silver could be associated with Lev.27 redemption money for a man 60 years of age or older.

The Homer of barley and jar of wine reflect day of firstfruits.

That day falls on Nissan 16 next year(for either representation of firstfuits in Judaism).

So I would suggest that he will be at least 60 years old and will appear by Nissan 16 of next year after his persecution by the enowsh is ended by HaShem.