Friday, January 6, 2012

Birth pangs

It is time to bring Moshiach out of the text and into the world.

we are entering the final stages of history…. a period in time called “Ikvesa D’Meshicha” – “Footsteps of the Messiah….Our Torah foretells four exiles through which our people would suffer: Egypt, Babylonia – Persian-Mede Empires, Greece and Rome – the exile in which we presently find ourselves, for it was the Romans who exiled us when they destroyed the Second Temple. One need not have great powers of discernment to recognize the painful veracity of these predictions. Consider only the suicide bombers, the decapitations, the hijackings, the missiles, the rockets, and the constant, senseless brutal acts of terror. But say unto them, ‘My children, do not fear. The time of your redemption has come... And this last redemption shall be different from the first that was followed by further bondage and pain. After this last redemption, you shall not experience any further pain or subjugation” [Yalkut Shimoni, Isaiah 59]
 But today, the impossible has become possible and events are unfolding so rapidly that we have difficulty absorbing their impact. So how are we to understand it all. How long will the labor of the birth pangs  last? It’s anyone’s guess, but one thing is certain – please G-d, the birth is sure to take place. In the interim however, we may very well ask, “Is it possible to ease the suffering? Is it possible to protect ourselves from these painful contractions. But today, the impossible has become possible and events are unfolding so rapidly that we have difficulty absorbing their impact. So how are we to understand it all. How long will the labor of the birth pangs  last? It’s anyone’s guess, but one thing is certain – please G-d, the birth is sure to take place. In the interim however, we may very well ask, “Is it possible to ease the suffering? Is it possible to protect ourselves from these painful contractions.


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george said...

Why does moshiach first appear at meron? Why did kabbalah evolve from tzfat? The answer is right in front of you. Mount meron is the original garden of eden. The tree of knowledge is elon morah in shechem which is on the slope of the mountain. The tree of life is also in the mountain but hidden veru well. Moses came to this same mount and saw the burning bush. It was a desert at that time because of the 430 year famine. Only when moses returned with the isrselites he passsed the waters of meribah dead sea and came to meron which was called horeb at that time. He broke the rock and the meron stream or amud nachal was created. This same amud nachal is bet lechem. Rachel is burried under the pillar. The chair of elijah is the pillar jacob made at bet el. Hebron is south of the mountain and abraham and his family besides rachel are burried there. Moshiach will come from joseph and not david since josephh has two dreams of ruling over his brothers. The first time was fulfilled in egypt. 2nd is moshiach. Jacob prophecised that the kingship shall not depart from judah until shilo come. Shilo was north of bet el where the tabernacle was and we know now bet el was in meron. Also gilgal is the same giled that jacob.made in the golan heights. It today is called gilgal rephaim. Wheel of stones. God gives joshua directions to the mountains of gerizim and ebal. Gerizim is meron. God commands that it is towards the setting of the sun from gilgal . East. And take google earth and drive east of gilgal rephaim. U come to bet el the pillar of jacob. The same is mount aararat and garden of the lord and shehm and moriah and sinai and horeb. These revelations will send shock waves through israel and in that day they will feel ashamed for their wicked ancestors who changed their king from god to saul and then david. Then changing the location and making a copy of the ark. The real ark is burried in meron with the manna and the covenant and the original copy of torah that moses wrote and the rod of aaron. There is only one garden of eden and one bet el and one sinai and horeb . And this is precisely why god gave them israel to guard this place from the nations. But we failed and god confused the place of worship to guard it. Look what they romans did to jeruasalem. It is a pig sti. All stone and no nature. But meron is pure and holy and god keeps watch over his garden. Amen. May moshiach.come in our days

george said...

West of gilgal rephaim not east sorry.

Anonymous said...

1samuel 2 shows G-D telling Eli that G-D himself will raise up a priest that will walk FOREVER before the anointed line of David.

Daniel 9 tells us that this anointed one of aaron is also to be a sacrifice for the KARAT(covenant of Abraham and Torah) therefore, since this moshiac ben aaron walks forever, he must raise from the dead.

He must appear 483 years after the recinding of the command to restore jerusalem is negated,7th year of artexerxes.

Micah 5 says this messiah ben Aaron is created by G-D, but he will not come back to Israel until the desendant of his brother(davidic messiah) has returned.

The Davidic messiah is descended from both the line of aaron and david accordind to zachariahs bowl of the two annointed ones.

The messiah ben david will be the branch that builds the sancuary. The messiah ben aaron then comes, according to malachi, to teach levi and Israel the Torah.

Zachariah again shows us that the two messiahs rule in harmony in the two crowns prophecy. Joshua will have a descendant in the two anointed ones of the bowl, culminating in both messiahs. One: a daughter of aaron to birth messiah ben aaron and two:, a son of zerrubabel married to the same daughter of aaron to create the davidic king.

The moshiac ben david ,at the time of the kingdom(daniel2) is beleagered by baal until the judgement of this son of man(perdition) comes,Daniel7, Isiah14,31,psalms 18., jacobs prophecy to joseph shows that this davidic king suffers in a territory of Joseph.
After this wicked one is brought to the judgement seat, David says his descendant will then have power to crush the enemies of Israel.

Daniel 2 and 7,8, and 12 show us this kingdom begins in 1922 thru 2012,90 years, Then there is the matter of the winter solstices and their half as well as the 1150 lunar and 1150 solar eclipses which end all together in the spring equinox of 2015. The last lunar eclipse is the following passover.

one year to go to start, 40 years to finish.

Anonymous said...

Well, I can grasp your math, but there is still the matter of christians and Jews looking for the kingdom of heaven and their respective messiahs for 2000 years.

You say that it is near, but so have countless others in the past.
My main question is: WHY IS IT TAKING SO LONG??

Whether you are correct or not, Why does G-D wait so long to establish a righteous world?

Anonymous said...

Fair question,I will try to give a fair answer....up to 1922. The 90 year period following 1922 and the 2 1/4 yr.period of the three winter solstices and spring equinox are not as easily discerned as to the "WHY". Only that one can track their chronology in Daniel12 quite concisely. I woiud think that HaShem may have informed us in the Tanackh but I have not found such a "WHY" as of yet. It does not matter, as HE is soverign and may have chose to only describe it as the time of the end and the time of trouble in Daniel12:1

The "moewadahs" of the 1290 years are such: 3-430 yr periods whose anniversary date is shavuot.Mowadah refers to the feasts of HaShem. This particular feast is best recognised in the shavuot that came in the middle of the time of the end preceding the June 6-day war.
Shavuot 2012 was the 90th year anniversary and then the winters solstices start dec 2012.

What has taken so long previous to 632ad is the Torah. HaShem expressly said that if Israel was disobedient, the curses of lev 26 would come to pass. They all have including the times of cannabalism.
The one 7 times period reflects the 7 times Israel was redeemed from her enemies in the book of Judges.
The reference that determined why the kingdom is so long in coming is another 7-times period. Only this one is 7 x 430 years.3010 years.
The 1290 years of daniel 12 are the final 3-430 year periods.
Prior to this,632ad-202ad,202ad-229bce,229bce-659bce,659bce-1089bce.
David was born around 1089 bce.
So these 7 periods of cursing had to expire.
They are further deliniated by ezikiel."In the 30th year(30 years from Huldahs prophecy in 622bce),the 4th month and 5th yr. of Jehoiachins cptivity. (591-92bce).
Ezekiel shows 390 years for Israel and then 40 years for Judah total 430.

You can track specific histories of the two sticks to these times. 659bce Manassehs reign,perhaps the time of his capture and return to Israel as King.Minus 40 years to 699bce and you come to assyria removing Israel from the land.

229bce-Ptolemy2nd rises to power.Ptolemy Philadelphus(septuagent) had married his own sister and in 250bce he married the daughter bernice he produced to the syrian King, this started the line of cleoptra, making them one big not-so-happy family. As they warred ,Judah was pillaged time and again, including the tithes of food and the silver and gold accumulations of the temple till the time of pompey.
The 390 year periods of Israel represented at 269bce,162ad,582ad. are not a subject of knowlege to me.Others may be able to shed historical evidence.

from632 ad thru 1022ad we have ephraim being involved in the crusades. Judah was killed and robbed every time they went to and from the "holy land".In 1206ad they took constantinople from the byzantines.

1492ad minus 40 years is 1452. Elizabeth the first and in 1453 Islam took constantinople.

From 1452 we have the beginning of the rise of the beasts of Daniel7. Manasseh-lion,Rueben-bear,Ephraim,Spain(in the body of the leopard-Holy roman empire).1492 Ephraim rejects its Jews,(judah),The eclipses started in 1547 and 1535 for chaps 7 and 8 respectively.
The last solar eclipse is at the 1/4 year mark of daniel12.spring equinox 2015.
This is the last of daniel7s times(Iddawn,2 Iddawns,middle of the iddawns,i.e. middle of the winter and summer solstices of 2015)
The last lunar eclipse is the passover that follows this spring equinox.
All the trackable chronology of daniel11-12 end at these solar and lunar eclipses. The coming events of the next 40 years tll 6000ad are not so specicfically noted.

I hope this brief synopsis answers the why of why so long.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the 90 years is a paralell to the 90 years of Sarahs' life prior to the birth of Isaac.

Anonymous said...

to anonymous march 20th post,
You are saying that daniel 7s "son of man" is NOT the Moshiac ben David?

Anonymous said...


The "son of man" that is mentioned in Daniel 7 is "son of enash(aramaic for enowsh), not son of adam.

In genesis6:4 we are told that the offspring of the fallen ones are known as enowsh(men of renown).

Psalms 8:5 makes the distinction between Enowsh and sons of adam.

Isaiah51:12 has HaShem telling us to not be fearful of enowsh.

The Pentateuch also shows us that the enowsh are not all giants and all giants are not enowsh.

Isaiah 14 connects a fallen one with the time of judgement in 14:12 and goes on to show that this one is met by the kings rising from Sheol to go to the judgement. evidently, this fallen one does not even get an opportunity to spend any time there.He and those who served him are on their way to the judgement seat of the Ancient of Days(psalms 48 and 50).

Daniel 7:14 is about HaShem and HIS dominion as HE is truely the one who is our King.Deut.33:5.

It is not necessary to have a direct connection to Moshiac ben David here. Daniel2:44 and 7:27 only make the distinction of the dominion of the kingdom to the people of HaShem, not specifically to ben David himself.

We also have no concise proof that the mention of HaShems "taking" of ben David ,in psalms 18 and 2sam22, means to heaven. it could very well be the intervention and close proximity of Haggai 2:23 and jeremiah30:21 when HaShem is above Mt Zion.

The shalah of Daniel8:25,("taking away of the soul",wrongly translated as security in some translations) matches what is being said in isaiah 14:19-21 and isaiah 31:8&9.

The other important factor is CONTEXT.

The context of daniel 7 is about the "little horn". The son of david is nowhere to be found there.

Also the wicked are judged first(ezekiel 34 is one example) psalms 50:16-18 is another.psalms 48 is connected to this time by isaiah 33 and 30 in the destruction of the towers.
we are told to count them because the future generations will not see them. This way they can be told of what went on in our time.
The light of isaiah9 is connected to the time of these towers in isaiah 30 and to malachais "sun of righteousness with healing in its wings"

This seems to me to be the reference to the solar eclipse of march 20th 2015. its shadow casts across the middle east and europe. I noticed that Joseph(USA) is just barely missed by this.

Anyway, enough for now. a study of how HaShem fulfils Davids psalms 18 and 2samuel 22 takes alot of time and is not needed to explain this son of man issue in daniel 7.

It is a marvelous picture though of how our Father is going to deliver us and Moshiac ben David to begin the dominion of the kingdom.

we may even be in it now, if the reference of the "year of my redeemed" speaks of an actual time period of a year ,prior to the mar20 2015 eclipse and susequent passover lunar eclipse, rather than a set time for HaShems' oh-so-evident intervention.

Isaiah 33:14, "for sinners in Zion are frightened.....",Psalms48:5-9" the mere sight of it they were stunned...terrified...panicked....."

Baruch HaShem,
"If YOU would but tear the heavens and come down...."

Anonymous said...

A few more enowsh references:

Isaiah13:7"..every heart of enowsh shall sink.."

Isaiah 66:24 "..and they shall look apon the carcases of enowsh..."

Anonymous said...

Malachis' Sun of Righteousness

The premise set forth in both this section of this blog and in the last section is that we are in the last stages of Daniels chronologies:

The winter solstice of this year and the final eclipses of march 20,2015 and passover 2015.

I am not an astrologer or astronomist. I have never seen either type of eclipse in my lifetime.
I understand that during a total solar eclipse the darkness allows us to view the stars.
I see by NASAs' website that the solar eclipse of mar 20 2015, covers the middle east and europe. It seems to arrive around mid-day in Israel.

So,...I will attempt to equate what I see in malachi and other mentions of sun and moon darking in the rest of the prophets.

Malachi 3:19-21(new JPS Tanakh);

For lo! That day is at hand, burning like an oven.....the arrogant...shall be as straw, and that day...shall burn them to ashes... But for you who revere MY Name, A sun of victory shall rise to bring healing. You shall go forth and stamp....the wicked to a pulp for they shall be ashes under your feet....said the Lord of Hosts.

I will suggest that the "healing" spoken of ,that can also be translated as healing in the folds of its garment, is refering to the healing that is at the EDGES of the garment.

That garment the sun will wear is the moon during the eclipse. The edges are a reference to the border around the moon.

So how do the wicked become ashes?

Well, if isaiah 30:25 and 26 is applicable then the light of 7 suns also brings the heat of such.
maybe 600 degrees? (it is said also to be at the time of HEALING)maybe interaction with methane(h3) because of the fracturing caused by a simultaneous quake?

This I cannot say for certain.Is the day of great slaughterwhen the towers tumble the same day as the eclipse?

Isaiah 8-9 speaks of a people seeing a great light. The eclipse will pass over northern Israel while at the same time the area of jerusalem will no longer be covered.
Jeremiah31:38-40 gives a location of corpses and ashes in Israel. It appears that this area will end up being separated in some way. perhaps when zachariah 14 occurs,a day known only to HaShem.

Joels mention of the sun and moon darkening has alittle different twist. The Stars 'withdraw" their shining.
If a solar flare equal to 7 times normal daylight takes place, the stars should not be able to be seen during that time of the eclipse.

We are also told in isaiah26:20 to "enter into our chambers...."

So, this is the short of it as far as what I can see concerning the solar eclipse of next year in march.
What will happen between now and then I could only speculate.

Daniel calls for the fiery end to the UN. This is located in New York.
The USA is in the dark during this eclipse in march; could fracking exascerbate a reaction from release of methane and h3? I dunno. I am not a chemist either.

Does this son of enowsh wish to have every body suffer when his time comes?
Would not surprise me.

I will start another segment connecting the towers falling to events in our time.

Anonymous said...

The destruction of towers is mentioned in psalms 48 as well. zepaniah speaks of the corner towers of the world being destroyed.

we are told to count the towers in order that future generations will know they existed.

so, isaiah 30 is connected to psalms 48.
Psalms 48 speaks of the destruction of the great ships by an east gale; this connects to isaiah 33:14-24.
here we see a connection also of the towers and the "beauty" spoken of in Psalms 50. The last verses refer to the gallant ships and the fear of those kings and the protection of jerusalem from such ships.(see balaams last prophecy)

Isaiah 2 says that HaShem has a day against all things exalted. Gallant ships are one of the list.
This same day shows the end of lebanons cedars, bashans oaks.

Isaiah33 shows this plus the end of carmel and sharon. The glory of these places are to go to the negev in Isaiah 35.

This time also connects the "covenant with death" spoken of in isaiah 28 and HaShems nullification of such.
The arielites in isaiah 33 are connected to ephraim of Is.28 thru this as well as ariel of Is 29.
Is.33:7-9 show HaShem negating the covenant of death here.

There is more about the ships and destruction of Kittim in Is.23 and we also have the Is.24 destructions of the earth.

Again, at this time I cannot be specific as to the" when" within the next year, only that they seem to exist close to or simultaneously with the solar eclipse of march. 20th.

Shavuot has held a significant place in daniels chronology.
shall we see something happen soon that I have not noted?
Your guess is as good as mine.

It was quite convienent that the popes visit with the metropolitan occurred in conjunction with an earthquake in greece and turkey.

anybody know if the cern accelerator was on?

will some new "sign" be given us by enowsh when abbas and perez go to the vatican?

shalom for now

Anonymous said...

correction: that is He3(helium) not H3(hydrogen)

Anonymous said...

Also, Isaiah 41 could be a description of such. The victor(y) from the east could refer to the rising of the sun. The results of the heat destroynig weaponry could be descriptive of this solar event and most certainly no shackels can be placed on the sun to stop it.

The question remains as to when the nations are to be still and listen as HaShem describes this.

Have the nations ALREADY been subject to earthquakes and storms and meteors or is this instruction to contemplate HaShems power after said solar eclipse?

"as in the day of midian" could be occurring right now as far as syria and irag. Isaiah 28 speaks of storms and of gibeon(stones from the sky).
Isaiah 59 speaks of HaShem as a "hemmed-in-force" coming from east to west

Then we also have davids rendition in 2 sam22 and psalms 18 of the foundations of the sea bed being exposed.

David also mentions the wicked being as thorns ,raked and burned ,in his final words in 2 sam 23.This mention of thorns and wickedness is repeatedly mentioned in the Tanakh.

Anonymous said...

Lets look a little closer at isaiah 28:21" in the vale of Gibeon..."

The above commentary only looked at the aspect of the stones rained down by HaShem on the enemies of Israel.
There is another more significant aspect of that day that is not only referred to here in isaiah 28 but is mentioned again in Habbakuk3:11....Sun and moon stand still.
In the story in Joshua, the sun and moon were halted about mid-day, and stayed there for the balance of a normal day.
I am not skilled in the sciences of oceanography, physics or astronomy. The scenario I will weave comes from limited knowledge in these areas,World jewry has some of the most brilliant minds in these sciences and I would glady hear from someone as to whether my science is correct.
(Not necessarily that my take on "when" the events occur, we all have so many different opinions in that catagory)

On the spring equinox of 2015, a solar eclipse shadows the land of israel around mid-day just as in the time frame of Gibeon.
I have already mentioned that the burst of 7-fold light and heat at this time would match Joels "stars withdraw their shining"
If there is combustion with atmospheric gasses, that would also match the reference to the "heavens rooling up as a scroll."
However, this would just be an event of minits rather than hours.
If at this time the sun and moon "stand still" as in gibeon, we are talking about a 6 to 9 hour event.
This changes the ambiguity of the aforementioned scriptures.

For humans to turn to ashes it takes time. This halting would provide such. First the lungs would cease to work in the beginnig minits, but no one would be able to aid victims until the heat event was over.hours of 600 degree temps would turn the dead to ash.

In jeremiah31:40 the area of Kidron is said to be exposed and it now makes sense that Edoms burning in isaiah 34 results.

The story of the three hebrews thrown into the oven heated 7 times comes to mind. That furnace destroyed those who brought them to the oven, yet HaShem protected them.
Do we have a devine deliverance for those who revere HaShems name in the same manner, or is it the warning to go into the chambers our deliverance from the heat?
At this point I cannot tell. In the end HaShem still delivers HIS people.

Another point to consider is that for the sun and moon to halt, the rotation of the earth must cease.What will be the ramafications to the crust when such a thing occurs?
There would then be no wind as well.

The alignment of the spring eclipse has an increaed gravitational pull on the oceans.
In this case, for hours the pull would be towards the middle east and europe.

The areas of greenland and BOTH polls(the sun is at the equator) would begin to melt and raise sea levels in the atlantic.

At this time the americas are in the dark(5:00am est) and stay that way until HaShem starts the rotation again.

Europes(Ephraims) coastline would begin to flood. isaiah 23 shows us that the italian peninsula will be submerged and destroyed, verses10-14.

Let me start another segment

Anonymous said...

Isaiah28 gives warning to Ephraim to not mock, lest your bonds be tightened.

When the heat event is over and the earth begins to revolve, it would set the stage for the "hemmed-in -stream" comment of Isaiah 59.
The tidal wave would roll across the atlantic into the americas.
By that time I would think that the USA would realize they have 6-9 hours to evacuate before the coasts are flooded.They(and the rest of the coastal nations) would also realize the catalyst that occurred to preface such an event.
Ergo, Isaiah 41 now is shown in better clarity. The coasline nations are being told by HaShem that HE raised up this sun from the east and is responsible for their flooding.

Ephraim is also told that every night and morning the flooding(overflowing scourge) will take place(tidal action-raised sea levels) as a terror to confirm that the kingdom has arrived and to repent.

I would think that it will take a while for the equilibrium of the oceans to settle in until we get a calmer steady tidal flow.Until such, the tides would slam into europe each morning and evening.

Is this also a catalyst to the storms of perazim? What about jeremiahs wind of HaShem,vs 30:23?

The gallant ships of isaiah 33 and psalms 48 face this?

Is israels coastline going to raise to protect the land from this flooding?Isaiah33.

Time will answer. It seems to me then, the mourning spoken of in Zachariah 12:9-14 fits this burning of the nations. It would certainly be a horrific picture to have to behold when events were over.

"in calmness and quitenes" we who revere HIS name are told to wait. If confidence escapes some who read here, then simply, repent and follow HaShems laws.

Isaiah 9:5 says" The Mighty GOD is planning grace."
However, no one really knows if today is the end of the individuals world before the retribution comes.
Shema Yisrael

Anonymous said...

some additional points not aforementioned:Isaiah34:5 "For MY sword shall be seen in the sky;"

This sword is the sun.

Habakkuks' prayer-3:8-15 speaks of the oceans.

There is also a mention of "striding apon the heights" at the end of the chapter.
This same declaration is also found in Davids psalms 18 and 2nd sam.22. after HaShem has delivered moshiac ben david from the persecutions of enowsh(inclusive of genesis 49:23-24)

Isaiah 63:1-6 is about HaShem and apparently in the same context of time as 34 and 59.
The clothing HaShem wears is described in Isaiah 59:16-17

Anonymous said...

christian teaching says Isaiah63 is about the christian messiah coming to destroy the enemy, riding on a white horse'

Anonymous said...

Yes, I know, That is strait out the book of revelation. A book that is totally irrelevant. If you are trying to reconcile all that has been written here with that baloney, it'll never happen. close up your new testament and study Tanackh.
Christian teaching has much more error in the new testament than any truth that could mirror what you find in Tanackh.

Isaiah 52:13 is the most future actions(HaShem tells us the end from the beginning) of our Moshiac ben Aaron, the priest that walks forever in 1Samuel 2:35.
The "servant" here is the same as Moses being called servant in Exodus14.
The sprinkling(Tanakh says startle) ,while a different word from Moses sprinkling of the blood on the people in covenant, is about AFTER Moshiac ben David has built the Temple and the fulfilment of malachi 3(psalm 110:1) when the (priest-malak) Adon(psalm110:1) suddenly comes to the temple and purifies the sons of Levi.
It will be the high priests duty to sprinkle into covenant the nations HaShem calls to HIMSELF along with Israel.
I mentioned Isaiah52 because I believe that this verse is what christians use to parallel the blood-spattered garments of isaiah 63 and draw the conclusion that this about their messiah.

There is an occasional mirror image to tanakh in the Christian text, such as the instructions to flee judea when the shikkoots(in 632) was installed.
Another relevant passage are the parables of the wheat and tares, showing the wicked being bundled(by the angels) and burnt FIRST before the wheat(righteous) are gathered in. Also the dragnet where the fish are caught and then separated. The wicked are said to be severed from the righteous FIRST.
There are some additonal end-times chronologies in the 4 gospels that match-up,IF you understand about the shikkoots. Few christians do. ironically, it partially due to the affect of the said shikkoots.

HaShem comes with the judgement FIRST, eliminates Moshiac Ben Davids persecutors.
Moshiac Ben David comes to Israel, HaShem draws him close to HIMSELF. Perhaps he will have to take the walk up the Mountof Zion ,into the fire and smoke,thunder and lightening, as Moses had to go up Sinai.
Moshiac ben David builds the Sanctuary.
Moshiac ben Aaron comes to forever officiate the office of High Priest in that sanctuary. Walking forever before the continual kings from davids line.
Our life expectancy(isaiah66) is said to extend multiple times what it is today.None-the-less death will overtake one son of david and another son of david will take the throne, and so on.
Moshiac ben Aaron continues as high priest.
he is NOT the king of israel.

Anonymous said...

Today I had decided to order a copy of the dead sea scrolls .Most specifically, to study the war scroll.
I looked up some commentary on the net that was available.
It seems the time element of 40 years is there. 33 years being wars that are continuously won after the divine intervention of the wars against kittim(sun of righteousness),7 years given to build Sanctuary prior to the 33.

The commentator said no messianic figure is in the wars against Kittim or its destruction.
Again, this aligns with the Moshiac ben david coming after the enowsh who persecute him are destroyed in mar 20 2015.

One commentator speaks of a 49 year period evolving around Daniel 7-12.

If we take Shavuot of 1967 as the start of the 49 years, it brings us to Shavuot of 2016.

That is not a problem to a march 20 2015 eclipse, as Daniel 7 speaks of the other beasts(Britain-mannaseh-lion ,Russia-Rueben-bear- spain-ephraim-leopard, losing their dominion, but their lives are extended for a season and time(some say time and season).

If a season would bring us to summer solstice of 2015(after Shavuot), then the iddawn( time), could be after Shavuot(summer solstice) of 2016.
Thereby aligning quite well.

I suspect that if I am right, there were already a multitude of Jews already recognizing this and it is me who needed to get up to speed. ;-)


Anonymous said...

oops. There is another way to integrate the 49 years of the war scroll .One that has additional verses in Tanakh.

The time frame for the extension of life for the other three beasts appears to start after the destruction of the 4th beast(UN). Daniel 8 is what shows the end of the son of enowsh at the solar eclipse of mar20 2015,

If the time(iddawn) and season is the grammatically correct method, then the winter solstice of 2014 is the correct reference point.
That would give us from dec21, 2014 thru dec21,2015 and spring of 2016 as the extension of life for the three beasts.

It still falls within the 49 years and before Shavuot of 2016.

This stance also has two pertinent references.
Haggai2 has HaShem speaking to Zerubabels descendant about dec16th(24th day 9th month 2014).
This is about destroying the throne of kingdoms,ie UN.
so from dec16 thru dec 21st this should occur.

Daniel chap 2 shows daniels rendition of the statue seeming to speak of TWO references to the end of the image.
one shows a fracturing and the other has it falling as chaff to the wind. The Chaldean is very similar in spelling.

so the winter solstice end to the UN would be the fracturing and the solar eclipse mar20,2015 would bring its fall.

On another matter:

I noticed also that next years Shavuot count actually starts on the first day of the week. It is as if all of Jewry is not to argue over the start date as we begin the kingdom. Both views bring us to celebrating the start on 16th of Nissan. Passover falls on Shabbat.

another observation is that Christianity used to determine easter by the sunday after the first full moon of spring.
today most observe the sunday after the first paschal moon.
both these outlooks coincide next year on the same day.
There just won't be an easter celebrated in Israel.
There WILL be a total lunar eclipse on Pesach though.

Anonymous said...

Wait a minute Anon. Are you now saying that Ephraim,Mannaseh, and Ruben are destroyed??

Anonymous said...

NO! I am saying that Daniel shows us that the remaining kingdoms(beasts) will end.
These kingdoms contain other ethnos besides Ephraim,Mannasseh, and Rueben.
HaShem will take a remnant of these tribes to Israel,eventually.

Lets look at the beasts one more time(I addressed this in an earlier post)

The best picture of the Leopard is in 1917. remember THIS is the beast that has dominion.

Vienna Austria,the seat of wilhelms holy roman empire and of the crown was quartered.
The USA, France, England, and Russia each had a section.

Ephraim was already in the hapsburg/holy roman empire.

England is the first beast

Romanov,soviet Union/Russia is the second.

The league of nations/UN is the 4th beast. Its initial presence was in europe and then moved to the USA.It is the holy roman empire.

So in the Leopard you have the UN, britain,Russia, and France(asher).France is probably best represented today as the EU.

When the UN is eliminated, the dominion of this leopard ceases.

In WW1 France and england had the mandates for the wings of the leopard.

What daniel is saying is that the kingdoms of England, russia, and EU will disintegrate as the empire of kittim(UN) did.
Out of these countries the stick of ephraim of Ezekiel will eventually join with Judah.

The commentary (only one page) I read concerning the war scroll says that a 40 year process from the solar eclipse(with wars) continues.This is a time with Moshiac ben david in Israel.

I have not yet read this war scroll. I do not know if it will show how these conclusions were reached and how it is that it speaks of 7 wars, 3 victories,3 losses and then devine intervention(sun of righteousness.All I see right now is that the 49 years aligns with 1967.

I reached my conclusion on the 40 years because I count 2012ad as the 5959th year from creation.
That causes me to look at the 6th millenium as the completion of HaShems promise to Abraham of his seed(thru Jacob) from the euphrates to the river of egypt.
How the war scroll does it I do not know.
I was encouraged that the mention of the 49 years concerning those 7 wars
aligns with the times of daniel. But again, I know not of yet how this was surmised by the war scroll.

What also encourages me is that the Israeli gov may have a blueprint on what to do.
Jews in the diaspora can be helpful, but any real in-time revelation is negated by the enowshs' ability to collect intel.
By the time Mossad gets the warning by internet or phone, as far as wars and attacks, enowsh can re-adjust his strategy.

I would think that the dead sea scolls contain understanding handed down from as far back as the completion of the book of daniel.
Daniel understood once he had all the information.
I hold that the saying"seal up the book to the time of the end" does not mean its understaning would not be available to us. It means that HaShem has put HIS seal of certainty on the writings as a King would use his ring to imprint the wax seal.
Our difficulties arise from deliberate vagueness from the time of the septuigent.
HaShem says we are HIS witnesses. Therefore Israel must be able to tell the world what HaShem will do. How else can HaShem be given the glory if it looks like happenstance??

Anonymous said...

Gog is from rueben. Ezekiel says that he will come to a nation dwelling securly.
Zachriah 14 speaks of a time known ONLY to HaShem. Therefore it should be after the explicitness of daniels times.
Gog is the opium prince of mesheck and tubal. Magog is the area of Turkey.They are from japheth-there is no tribal relationship with Gog.

The events of zachariah 14 show the earth swallowing up the area east and west when mt of Olives split.A flow of fresh water will go to both seas.

I surmise this: When the sons of Korah got together with the sons of Rueben for a coup on Moses and Aaron, HaShem had the earth swallow them all.

Gog may very well be an attempt to re-establish christianity in Israel along with an islamic constituency, along with a jewish constituency desireous of establishing their own priethood in a temple on Moriah.

The results appear to be the same. Gog is also said to be knocked out of the sky by HaShems' power. The words for this "horses,coverng the land like a cloud" is descriptive of the flocking of birds near sundown as they darken the sky.
gogs airforce will be so many they will darken the sky-HaShems answer will be so great they will dissappear.
When?? I dunno.That's my take on it anyway.

Anonymous said...

No need to get up to speed; first Moshiach Ben David along with the high priest will come to cleanse and bring the gift of blessing(100 blessings) to all Jews............................Tom

Jean Mondestin said...

AnonymousJune 10, 2014 at 10:41 AM
christian teaching says Isaiah63 is about the christian messiah coming to destroy the enemy, riding on a white horse'

AnonymousJune 10, 2014 at 11:14 AM
Yes, I know, That is strait out the book of revelation. A book that is totally irrelevant. If you are trying to reconcile all that has been written here with that baloney, it'll never happen. close up your new testament and study Tanackh.
Christian teaching has much more error in the new testament than any truth that could mirror what you find in Tanackh.

>>>>>>>>>>>>Moshiach is angry and grieving over the book of Revelation. First the original book was written in Hebrew then translated in Latin by the fathers. The council of Nicea high jack the book by Christianize and disgrace it. By christianize i mean they(the compilers) add the word church and omit the name Iesseus about 7 to 8 times to legitimize it as a christian book. This book supposed to be a Guideline or a time table for Moshiach.This is why Moshiach will evaporate christianity.<<<<<<<<<<.Jim

Anonymous said...

To Tom,June 13th 2014,

I get from Micah 5 that our High priest wil return AFTER the descendant of his brother comes to Israel.
When I couple that with Malachi 3:1 rendition of this priests coming(2nd) and then the reference to the adon(lord) of psalms 110:1 and THEN the reference to the first appearance(even now he is already coming,ie the 69th week of daniel9), it shows,as we go on in 3:2-3, that this purifying of levi takes place in his coming at the beginning of 3:1. The temple is there,for he comes to it suddenly.

Moshiac ben david must FIRST build such temple,ergo this is why I do not see them together until the temple is built.

What ever length of time that takes.
One could find a similarity in davids 7 yers in hebron and then 33 yrs over all of israel, but I cannot see a definite concise picture in prophecy as of yet.
Zachariah 6 puts both of them together when moshiac has the crown. Hosea 3 puts this time as ALL of israel under his reign.

Anonymous said...

To jean Mondestin,june13,2014.

jean I would disagree with you on ANY validity of the book of revelation,hebrew or otherwise.

Daniel 9 says that the first coming of the high priest,at the beginning of the 70th week,is also to seal up vision AND PROPHECY.
That 70th week ends in 32 ad. Therefore, any further additons would be rendered moot concerning revelation as it was constructed long after.
Also, it was rejected even by christianity for their canon until romes problem with protestantism in the 1500s prompted them to canonize ALL the apochryphal liturature, revelation being part of that group at tht time.
Sice then rome used it to validate the doctrine of mary.

They do not care if pentecostals or others use it since any use continues to give it credibility.

No revelation- no basis for the vaticans woman with the twelve stars as the mother of god.

Anonymous said...

june 12th 2014 9:14 ams comment from anonomouse:
let me re-itterate that my knowledge of this war scroll is nil, other than a brief commentary.
The mention of 6 wars, three wins,three losses has no credibility with me at this time.
I don't get this when I look at zachariah.
Zach.14:1-2 speaks of 1948, chap14:6-11 speaks of the end, a day known only to HaShem.

There is alot of time in between.
Jerusalems division from Mt Zion/city of david ended in 1967 and will not happen again.
verses 12-14 does not sound like a loss to me.
Perhaps it is the reference of the time period of 1999 thru mar20 2015 that is being commented on in the war scroll.

Daniel 7:25 speaks of enowshs rise,( from the time of koffi annan,10th leadser of UN,1999, and then the later rise to pope in 2005).
That this "little horn" will hang on thru the winter solstice of 2012,2013 and 2014 and then be gone in mar20th 2015.

Israel did have a war in lebanon in 2006, in gaza 2008 and again in 2012.The enemies still remained.
Whether there will another separate conflict prior to mar 20th 2015 I do not know.
just as I could not say what the specific outcome would be.
We know the kingdom and dominion is coming to israel, and enowsh and the leopards dominion are destroyed on mar 20th 2015.
The government of israel will figure out what to do better than I. They have had much more time with more scripture than I.
HaShem is our salvation.

Anonymous said...

"perhaps it is the reference to the time period of 1999 thru mar20th 2015 that is being commented on in the war scroll"

I meant the 3 losses.

Anonymous said...

To Tom and jean(Jim),
All this anonymous posting can be confusing,just call me Anthony.
Tom,another reason I see a "delay" of the kingship of Moshiac ben david over ALL of Israel(two sticks)is in jeremiah 30:21-22.
He is referenced here as "Mashal" not "Malek".
so, while Moshiac ben David has come to Israel, he first is drawn close to HaShem "AS" as signet(haggai2) and then later,as king over ALL the tribes, WEARS a signet ring as described in Zachariah 4:8-10.

Joshua and Samuel were both of Ephraim and Ephraims position never changes, that is why jeremiah31:22 connects Ephraim as a bezel of a ring surrounding this valiant man.
However, first ephraim faces judgement(ezekiel 34 is one example), then after casting away her idols,becomes instrumental in the coronation of Moshiac ben David.(Hosea 3)

Anonymous said...

Let me comment on something that caught my attention.
Holding to the scenario of a mar 20th,2015 solar eclipse as the "sun of righteousness, it is also a NEW moon.

Isaiah30:26 speaks of the light of the moon being as the light of the sun.

My question would be how, during a new moon and a total solar eclipse could we possibly observe this particular lunar event?
The sun becoming 7-fold is no problem.

When we look at zachariah14:6 we are told that on this day known ONLY to HaShem,that there will be light at eveningtime.

Now a full reflection of light seems best on a full moon, just one that we cannot put to chronolgy, so I would guess that still leaves the mystery as to what month and year.

I will gladly stand corrected if someone with scientific background could explain this phenomena more concisely.

Again, this does not negate mar20th,2015 as the 7-fold solar event.


Anonymous said...


There is another way to look at Zachariah 14 and its relationship to gog.

There previous premise was that the day of HaShems splitting of Mt Olives is connected to a day known only by HaShem.

Ergo gog, then appears connected to that particular day.

However, if we separate of continuos light...known only by HaShem..." from The Mt Olives earthquake by allowing for two different timed events, this fits that MtOlives and gog come at the time of the mar20th eclipse.

Zach14;6- that "light at eveningtide" is the light of the RESURECTED.
Since Malachai3 says the Priest will come suddenly to the temple.
HaShem is the only one who knows the day and hour.

Perhaps ther is a future connection of all this at the end of the 7 years mentioned in gog-magog, as well as time to build the sanctuary on MT Zion.

This overall scenario eliminates Temple Mt and the dome in March 2015.

let me continue another post.

Anonymous said...

The shortest way to weave the events sensibly is to re-cap the chronology of Daniel.

The 1290 years ended Shavuot 1922 and the nation was established.

The 1335th year ended on savuot 1967 and jeresalem was united.

The end of the 90 years was Shavuot 2012.

On dec 21 2012 the three winter solstices started.

This winter is the last one.

Haggai2 says HaShem speaks to Zerrubabel about the destruction of the throne of kingdoms on the 24th of the 9th month(Hebrew cal.)
Daniel 7 speaks of the UN being destroyed by a hard shower of flames.

So; when the UN is destroyed between dec16 and dec21st, the leopard loses its ability to keep the dominion.

The beasts may very well separate and look to their individual benefit.
Russia/Turkey, The USA,France(EU,) and Britain.

All jockeying for power.

You also have the upheaval of the moslem world going on that should culminate with a presence in Jordon.

Gog/Magog/Iran,Libya,Sudan approach as well.

There will be no playing out of scenarios by the leopard this time.

When all these groups come to/near Israel in march, HaShem will destroy them all.

All the idolatrous houses of worship and christianitys icons will burn.(thus turn to powder,Is27)
The moslem temple will be destroyed.
Those who do not revere HaShem and HIS teachings given to Moses will not last.
So, what does Israel do right now in Gaza?

Well, I heard that hamas cried to turkey.
Perhaps Gaza is a pivitol event to draw magog in?

Israel will know what to do.HaShem controls them and everything else.
It is the individual Israeli that needs to check and see that his life is in order with HaShem.

Am Yisrael Chai


Anonymous said...

There are additional commentaries supporting what I have written in the "King Moshiac" and "Av 16 5766" sections of this blog.(click older posts)

Initially they started from Mar.20 2014 and were headed"anonymous"

I would gladly hear from anyone who would either critique my references or support them, or ask a question.

I basically use the Tanakh and secular historical references to draw my conclusions.

As always, context is vital, so besides the initial chaps and verses I give to support my conclusions ,it is wise to read the overall context of the chapters.

I usually check this blog Mon- Thurs.

Am Yisrael Chai.


Anonymous said...

Birth pangs in Israel today?

AS I mentioned before: as far as I can see, HaShem is our Savior.

Davids psalm 18(2 sam.22) shows his descendant under duress by enowsh until HaShem comes with a series of occurrances,including the exposing of the oceans bed(tsunami).

Israels promised descendant of David is just as harassed as Israel is.(genesis 49)

It is HaShem who will glory in the final end of the wicked and the transference of the dominion to Israel and its king from davids line.

Moses learned that HaShems glory was not to be diminished, when he struck the rock instead of speaking to it.

I would imagine that this man that is coming,,,,a man that would have the abilities spoken of in Isaiah 11, also recognizes that HaShem has a specific plan for HIS glory to be apparent to the world.

Ergo, wisdom would dictate that no matter what happens, it would be a mistake for him to try and uplift himself and turn away the gaze from HaShem.(Please G-D)

My point being that we should not look to any man right now to suddenly appear to Israel and solve the current crisis.

That is something that the "little horn" would desire to set up.To change the appointed time and fool the elect.

Israel already has instruction in Isaiah 30 concerning Gaza.

Time and again, Israel has gone to war with hamas.

Hamas depletes it missles and then capitulates.

Then Israel does what Isaiah 30 say NOT to do.

To involve Egypt....who then looks the other way so hamas can once again re-arm.

In the meantime Isaiah 30 speaks of a breach in a wall.

If this has nothing to do with Zach.14 earthquake, then possibly it is about the western wall.
Perhaps a more direct approach by HaShem to get us to understand that Egypt is disgrace and chagrin,a threat that has ceased.
( of course the moslem world would see such an event as a sign, so prepare)

By no means am I suggesting any specific course of action to the IDF. I would think corrective action has already been considered.
Isaiah 30 is telling us what NOT to do(Egypt) moreso than a specific blueprint of military action.
Torah gives us the instructions for the military success. Obedience empowers the "100 shall chase 10,000" blessing.

Daniel 7 shows me that the enemy hangs around until the mar 20 2015 eclipse.

I am just saying that the course HaShem wants us to take is already mentioned in HIS scriptures. There are more astute scholars of Hebrew than myself to help am Yisrael focus, I should hope.

If I am correct of Daniels times ,then there is still 8 months to stand vigilant.

I would like to think that Israel ALREADY recognizes this, and will continue to act accordingly to neutralize hamas' threat.

I just mention these things because, as I said, there is still 8 months to go and that "little horn" would like to have us move in a hurried direction for his glorification, not HaShems.

This guy is the one behind hamas in the first place.

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Anthony

Anonymous said...

Moshiac ben David and the "Temple".

Isaiah 2:2-3 "In the days to come The Mount of the LORD'S House shall stand firm above the mountains and tower above the hills;
And all nations shall gaze on it with joy.
and the many peoples shall go and say:
Come, let us go up to the Mount of the LORD,
to the House of the GOD of Jacob."

Amos 9:11
"In that day I will set up again the fallen booth of David..."

Isaiah 16:5 And a throne shall be established in goodness in the tent of David..."

The former treatises I developed in these segments show me that the present-day Temple mount is destroyed by gog-zach 14:3-5.

In the prophetical development of the "Stone(and staircase)" we are told that the place of death, burial, and resurrection of the Moshiac ben Aaron is the foundation of HaShems House.

Isaiah 28 shows this to be mt Zion. Psalms 118,Jacobs dream, Jacobs prophecy to Joseph connects ben Davids time with the time of the rise of the Stone into a great mountain(Daniel 2)

HaShem appears to be saying that Davids "tent", while on mT Zion in the City of David, is where the throne will be.

Isaiah is saying that the whole Mount is the House of HaShem and that on that Mount David will have a throne in a Tent as he had when he was king.

However, we know from the story of Uzziah that Kings are not to usurp Priestly duties.

The anointed son of Aaron was to stay within sanctuary limits and Zachariah 6:13 says that there will be a close proximital arrangement between Moshiac ben Aaron and Moshiac ben David, once the time of malachai 3:1 and Zach.14:6 come to pass.

Ben David is to be instrumental in the overall construction and it would seem to me that also includes the Alter, but jeremiah 3 eliminates any possible need for a Biet HaKodesh, for there will be no ark.

If the whole of the Mount is HaShems House(HIS Presence similar to Sinai), then basically all we need is an alter to begin.
When our priest comes, he will set Levi strait on exactly what is needed.Mal 3:2-5

On a day known only by HaShem,when the resurrection of Zach14:6 takes place and brings the priest "suddenly" to Mt.Zion.(mal.3:1)

Isaiah30:26 may very well be speaking of a 7 year period when it mentions the 7 days, but no exact date(other than perhaps a full moon)from the time of construction to the resurrection is given.

Also the dead sea scrolls commentary says that the writers of the war scroll hold for a 7 year period as well.

Christianity connects 7 years to this time but ,unfortunately, they err by separating the 70th week of Daniel 9 from the balance of the fulfilment and put it in our time,AND they hold that this temple is only a ruse for an ante-Christ.
They just do not get that the ante-Christ IS the trinity and the leader of such will be brought to judgement first, BEFORE Ben David starts his building plans.There is no "tribulation" after that, only a righteous kingdom free of idolatry.

Finally; That stairway appears to be a literal one.
Psalms 24 tells us the righteous generations of Jacob shall ascend the mountain.

Whether it will just "appear" by HaShems actions in the uplifting of Mt.Zion, or whether ben David must construct it, the righteous shall draw near to HaShem by its' use.



Anonymous said...

Dead sea scrolls-the war scroll.

Having now had the opportunity to peruse the war scroll, I can say that there is shown no specific Tanakh references as to how the author surmises his points.

I will simply continue to stand on the premise that we are coming into the last Iddawn(time-winter solstice) of Daniel 7, which lines up for the destruction of the 4th Beast(UN)

Then the mar.20th solar eclipse brings the "sun of righteousness",the day of the oven.

Daniel 7 tells us that the little horns armies continue to hang on to harass Israel(such as hamas-hezbollah) until the mar 20th eclipse.

This does not mean that Israel cannot take steps to minimize or eliminate hamas or hezbollahs capabilities.

It simply means that the enemy is not yet annilated until mar 20.

as far as the war scrolls references to the "Kittim".

This is nothing new. 1300 years prior to these writings, HaShem had Ballaam prophesy about the romans(kittim)

Later the iron kingdom is known to be them as well(Daniel 2)

When Pompey entered Jerusalem and the Beit HaKodesh(which he found empty) it became too dangerous for Jews to refer openly to Kittim, so alternate reference names were used to disguise many commentaries.
The war scroll was written prior to that time when Syria was in power.

As far as today goes: "as in the day of midian" could encompass the events of the caliphate now being formed, eventually making its way to Jordan, the main camp of the midianites.

We also need to remember that Gideon(east bank) was from mannaseh(Britain) and Ephraim(spain/Usa)came to the Jordan as well.
There were other tribes aligned with mannaseh.

We may see the contemporary nations of these tribes involve themselves prior to mar 20th.

Zachariah says that Lebanon is cut down by the iron and bronze.

Whether this is a current possibility? time will tell.

many americans still remember the more than 200 marines Hezbollah killed with that bomb.

Micah 5 reference to 7 shephards bringing the sword to asshur
seems to be after the Moshiac ben David comes to Israel.

seems to be, but again, time will tell.

Shabbat shalom,


Anonymous said...


The Lebanon reference is not Zachariah, it is Isaiah 10:34.


Anonymous said...

PSUEDO-MOSHIACS of the Little Horn.

Most of what I believe has been commented on concerning the times we are in.

Israel is now engaged and I wait for the last winter solstice to come.

I see no point in re-iterating or adding to what has already been said.

I do think we can clarify just what the "son of enowsh" who leads the iron Kingdom/UN/Leopard is desirous of accomplishing.

He does not want to be our high priest.

He does not want to be our King david.

Isaiah 14 says that he wants to be like, to MATCH, the Most High.

What does HaShem say HE, HIMSELF, will do?

Amongst many other events,HE will provide a High Priests return and a specific descendant of David to rule.

Christians view the "anti-Christ" as someone who declares himself to the world as GOD.

Isaiah14 and Daniel 8 say otherwise.

"for you have said in your heart..."

"He shall magnify himself in his HEART.... but his soul shall be taken away and many(of his minions) destroyed. Then shall a prince of princes burst the ankles by the hand of power."

So...CAN this man(son of the fallen one) actually replicate two moshiacs?

Why not. Technology that the world is made aware of is usually behind 30 years from it initial understanding(primarily since Kaiser Wilhelms Germany)

Mengeles experiments may already have been using DNA tech.

We knew about this since '52. that is enough time to raise up a number of perspective candidates.

All you need is to find certain Jews who would be willing to go along with the sham, in exchange for the prestige of being THE house of aaron and David.

Perhaps, when we couple the Christian monarchies(saxe-goetha,ca. Victoria/Wilhelm)with these Jews we find the "covenant of Death and Sheoul" spoken of In Isaiah 28,29,33.

Let me start a new comment before I run out of space.


Anonymous said...

HaShem says in Isaiah 11 that the Moshiac ben David will have the ability to speak away the ruthless and ekiminate the wicked(nations or men)by blowing as if putting out a candle.

with the right communications set up between a false ben David and this son of enowsh, his technology could easily pretend such fulfillment.
Kinda like the man in the booth in the wizard of Oz.

In the covenant of death HaShem tells those involved that HE sees their plans and HE is annulling their covenant.

So, while there are those in waiting, hoping to be the players in the "Kingdom of heaven", HAsHem says HE will destroy them at the monment they plan to perpetrate the lie.

The arielites of Is 29 are connected to the Ariel of Is 33.

The covenant rejected,pact ended, obligation despised is the covenant of sheoul spoken of in Is 28 with Ephraim.

Isaiah 33 shows this happens at the mar 20th "sun of righteousness"
by re-iterating the destruction og Basgan , carmel, Lebanon.

This shows that GOG-Magog probably is as the korah-coup attempt and it all ends for the wicked ,including this son of enowsh, on the solar eclipse of mar. 20th.
Daniel 8 is specific to the solsr eclipses.

If you now have an awareness that the topic of discussion in Is,28,29 and 33 are about the covenant of death, it is really a great read when you can connect the 3 chapters.
Is29: let the festivals come in their cycles must then relate to the the shvuots of the 2012-15 winter solstices and spring.

I find it exciting. HaShems word is alive.

Inclosing: We also need to realize that even if Ratzinger could read this explanation, he STILL will have to act in accordance with HaShems plans.

There had to be a Judas to complete the sacrifice of Moshiac ben Aaron.

There has to be a villan to do HaShems bidding to complete prophetic utterance for HaShems glory.

Not for some virgin idol or some triune fallacy.


Anonymous said...

correction to July 1 post concerning Russia as Gog.

Russia cannot be Gog.
The logic of today shows that.

Gog is involved with Magog.
Magog is Turkey.

Turkey is center of NATO.
Gog is in NATO.

Russia is the bear of Daniel 7
Russia contains a remnant of Rueben.
Gog is a SPECIFIC descendant of Rueben.

Russia and NATO are at odds.

Therefore, Gog, though descended from Rueben, must exist in another NATO country,or in Turkey.

Russia is not Gog.

So... who is Gog??

Gog's other profile is the opium trade.
If you are a Christian reading this, then you should understand that the Hebrew"roshe" can be translated as "chief" but it also is the name of the opium flower because of its' stately head.

Gog has no tribal ties to meshek and Tubal.

Gog is from shem, they are not.

Gog controls the opium trade of Afganistan.

I have no friends in the DEA,FBI,INTERPOL,MI6,or Organized crime.

I can only suggest where to look based on a limited knowledge of history of the last 200 years.

The England of Victoria/saxe-goetha began insinuating opium into China. India was used as a storage facility.
Turkey(ottomans) was the collection point thru the early 1900s.The Vatican had an embassy there.
Germany produced heroin at that time frame(saxe-goetha).

America was given a taste of opium ,legally, for a few generations.

Then the church of England began a campaign to criminalize it.(episcopal).

Opium still comes from Afganistan.

How it has maneuvered its course over the last century is not a neede discussion.

There are those who know that tale better than I.
The point being that Ezekiel 38-39 speak of Gogs coming and going and coming.

I can think of only one family that came and went from Afghanistan.
That have the familiar connections with the episcopal church and Germany(Nazi).
And whose presence allowed the farmers of Afganistan to start growing opium again AFTER the Taliban had ordered them to grow food instead.

Prescott Bush was censored by congress for association with the Nazis.
George Bush 1 (CIA/ Epicopal) brought the USA to the middle east.
He also removed Noriega(heroin trade) from power.

Bush 2 brought us back to the middle east and Afganistan.

Now opium flourishes again.

So, I will let you choose where to go with this.
I have no further in-depth profile or other "suspects".

I do not think my president Obama is Gog.
However, we are in NATO and he could be used to give Gog "a ride"


Anonymous said...

A PS on President Obama.

I spend a good bit of time these days watching the news due to gaza conflict.

In between gaza news, I notice that language like "lawless one" is being used by some politicians in reference to president Obama.

That may be a subliminal tactic to draw the rapture believers of Revelation to the idea of Obama being the "anti-Christ".

Pres.Obama is not the Anti-Christ in the sense of 2 Thessalonians that Christians use(lawless one).

Christianity ITSELF is "ante-Christ"(a substitute for the true position of Moshiac ben Aaron).

So in that sense he is one of millions.

The specific son of perdition spoken of in pauls writing is the same man in daniel7 and 8 and Isaiah 14.
He is destroyed in the brightness of HaShems coming on March 20th 2015.

The LORD mentioned is not the messiah of Christianity. It is HaShem.This is where Christians get confused.
This elimination of the son of enowsh is what no longer RESTRAINS the transferrance of the kingdom and dominion to Israel.
I hesitate to use any Christian writing that relects some of what Tanack says, because then Christians rush to give credibility to all the other junk in Romes testament.
However, those few passages do reflect well once understood that HaShem is the "Lord" being spoken of not Moshiac ben Aaron. else can Ephraim come to understand their idolatry unless we show those who are open to learn?

America/Obama are just another of Ratzingers assets to use to deflect attention of his true identity.Take a demographic poll of congress these days.

He has gotten the Protestants
lookin at Obama rather than him.

It would not surprise me if the leaders of the Southern Baptists were his pawns.

jimmy Carter -Egyptian peace treaty with no solution to gaza first.

Jordan treaty with no solution to Judea/samaria problem first.

Bill Clinton with Arafat.

Southern bapatists could be sold a bill of goods being enticed by the promise of a presence in Israel after the dust settles.

Their sect sure has been prominent in Israels political lfe.

Even George Bush 2 became Baptist from episcoplaian roots, but changed to Methodist(Regan was a Methodist)later.

Jeb Bush is a catholic.

They cover a lot of bases.


Anonymous said...

Hello Anthony,

Gog is said to attack Israel.
Regardless of this present administration run by President Obama, the American christians have too much support for Israel to allow such a thing to happen.
America is not Europe.

Anonymous said...

I understand your reasoning.You sound like you are for Israel.
If you are jewish or a conservative Christian I can see why you would believe that this segment of the population would have enough clout to negate such a thing.
have you been paying attention to the under 30 secular population?

The Obama administration,while campaigning for social justice and economic equity, has spent a great deal of enegy benefitting the amoral segment of our population moreso than the poor.

The recent media soundbites show many who supported him are upset because of the resources that are going to the latino children, rather than American children.

Personally, I have no problem with my country rescuing children from dire circumstances. I do not think the children are that devious to risk their own lives
to make it easier to come here.

My point is that change HAS come to America.
We are seeing a generation, especially with the advent of social media, that is significantly removed from an older generation and easily influenced.
They are naïve and narcistic.

This is the pool that our military is now drawing from.

It makes one wonder of the real motivation of furloughing our more mature and experienced military before they even get back home.

If the USA is Gog(as in led or manipulated by Gog) and the usa is also the 4th beast of Daniel that is destroyed while wearing the crown of the UN, then the whole picture changes.

The conservative base will not have the ability to reign in all the chaos.

The USA(forced by Gog)will join Turkey to go after somebody.
Perhaps ISIS will be blamed.

The reference in Ezekiel 38-39 has Persia and others asking Gog if they are coming to "take a prize"?

It goes on to show that Israel has now remedied its Palestinian problem(by war according to Zachariah 12).

So, the only thing I can deduce from the term take a prize is that the loss of power removes the USA from prominence in dictating to Israel.

On the guise of using NATO forces to go after somebody in Turkeys neighborhood, Gog changes his mind and attempts to take over Israel.
Securing Ratzingers/catholic churches kingdom.
As I explained above, their own version of the kingdom of god.

Rome( the boss behind Gog)did this once before in 1206ad.

I will start another paragraph.


Anonymous said...

The Byzantines held Constantinople at that time and were in need of rescue from enemies around it.

Rome pretended to come to their rescue, but all it did was take over Constantinople from the byzantines.

I suggest this is why the Vatican is silent on the byzantine Christians being displaced by ISIS.

Kaiser Wilhelms Germany has 70% Lutheran population.
He had no problem throwing them in front of the machine guns.

Hitler devastated the Lutheran church as well.

It all benefitted rome, just as abortion does. In a democracy, baalots are bullits. The more voters you have the more you win.
non-catholics have big families, those who will not do the will of the papacy kill themselves off.
why should rome care?

Our Military here is in flux, the new one is increasingly amoral and without loyalty to Israel.

One thing you will find that would join them is gay rights.

If the left in Israel are threatened, then the left of this military in the USA will justify going there to "free" them.

This is why Zach 14 speaks of civil war "Judah shall fight at Jerusalem"

The "kum-by-ah" moment that the left and right are having will start to fray and when Israel does as Zach.12 says, the right is not going to want to tolerate the perverse in the land any more.

HaShem will not let them.

So,all this confrontation is brought on by HaShem.

At the right moment HE will eliminate all the wrong people from being there.

Out of Islam, Judaism, and Christianity, HE has in mind those who are physically from Jacobs seed and HE will open their eyes to who HE is.
Just as he will gather those from the non-Israelis from the nations who HE has selected and join them to Israel.

It is HaShem who will make those choices.
Not some manipulation from one who would be LIKE the Most High.


Anonymous said...

correction concerning the big-families statement.

It should read that: catholics have big families. Why should rome care if those who would not serve them anyway, kill them selves off.

Ratzinger is using the perverse to plan his way, in the end he would eliminate them just as the prior popes allowed hitler to eliminate them.

Of course this time HaShem takes him away and saves Israel instead.

Follow Torah.


Anonymous said...

Understanding Isaiah9 in relation to Zachariah 12.

There are some who feel Zachariah 12 miraculous actions of Judah against the enemy refer to the 6 day war of '67.

I would disagree. 1967 saw Israel move primarily in a North- south direction.Egypt to Damascus.

Zach 12 speaks of an east -west direction.

Isaiah 9 is one of those"end from the beginning" aspects of prophecy.

The reign of the Moshiac ben David, then the deliverance of diaspora jewry and their arrival in Israel.

Then we are given a look at the tribes of Ephraim and Mannasseh closer to our present day and what appears to be their dilemma after the kingdom is achieved in Israel.

One must realize that HaShem says that the curses of the law will fall on our enemies.

Japheth is in Ephraim and in each purported house of David(victorias children,9 of them)that reigns over the tribes of Europe.

A second point is that the tribes Assyria removed never went thru the list of lev 26 curses as Judah did.

cannibalism did occur in the siege of Jerusalem.

The situation in Europe with the pro-gaza population occurs because immigration was deliberately and methodically planned to bring many "Palestinians" to the countries of Europe.

This was done to pressure Israel by the threat they would pose to the jews of Europe.
If Israel does not obey then strife, blaming the jew, will arise.
Hence the anti-Semitic hatred we have just witnessed.

However, Isaiah 9 tell us:

HaShem looses this terror from Jacob(Judah-Jews) and it falls on Isarel(tribes of Europe).

When Zachariah 12 occurs, the uproar in Europe will once occur, but Jews will be delivered.
All that angst will fall on the non-Jewish residents of the perspective countries.

Palestinians is a generic term.

Samaria contains Syrians(Jordanian is a new genre)and Gaza is the area of Philistia.
These will devour Europe.

Those in this "peace process" even now are fulfilling the the verse" Ephraim and those of Samaria shouting arrogantly, "the bricks have fallen but we will build with huge stones...."

The reference to bricks is not about building materials.

Ephraim is part Egyptian; Egyptians used brick supports for women to lean on at childbearing.
The aborted "birth" of the two state solution(inhabitants of Samaria-Gaza) is seen as a repairable event.

It is not: that is what zacheriah
12 shows.

Micah5 speaks of the children of Jacob(Judah) being like dew that waits for no man, dew that is in the nations of the world.

Just like one cannot stop the dew from leaving, so will be the Aliyah of the diaspora.

As the last of isaiah9 describes: there will develope an animosity between Ephraim and mannasseh that will be years long.
At the same time they will try and interfere with the monarchy of the Moshiac ben david until the days of peace between Judah and Ephraim arrive as in Isaiah11.

HaShem speaks of the tribes in Ephraims stick and their Aliyah with a caveat.
Though the children of Israel be as the sand of the sea,only a remenant will return.

The balance will have to deal with the terrible results of march 20th 2015 as well as internal strife and lack of everything."each one eating the flesh of his fellow"
That is not allegorical as it mentioned a second time in the prophets.

In closing: this Aliyah of the diaspora may weel be linked to psalms 110 when it says "your people shall be spontaneous in your day of power"


Anonymous said...

The phrase"though the children of israel be as the sand of the sea".

Isn't this describing judahs return after the nazis killed two-thirds of them in europe?

judah contains the other tribes as well.

Isn't this already fulfilled?

Anonymous said...

Dear anonomous from
I am going to tell you a hard thing.

There was a reason the Nazis left carloads of evidence that explicitly let the world understand that two-thirds of european jewry had been exterminated.

The vile wickedness of the christians of europe: england taking only children,polands harvesting 4 million jews, france collecting jews for the gestopo, the USA refusing entry,etc.

The Shoah was NOT just some accident by a madman; it was planned as a psuedo-fulfilment of the Zach.13 in order for christianity to once again try and force jews to accept their "kingdom of heaven" since we refused accept their messiah and pope after WW1, even though we then had a country again.

The leaders of Ephraim used this to fool the rest of the christians and then named our state at the UN.

The USA was not some benevolent democracy.

They got Einstein in the exchange.
he died in '55 and in 56 we got the suez canal crisis.

A remnant of Israel is probably around 10% overall.
There are 3 billion christians, jews and moslems in this world and probably half of them contain the seed of jacob.

Zachariah 13 is scewed by christianity and their book by attributing some story that HaShems shepard was their messiah.

The context of this chapter is about OUR time, not then. The fountain is what is to come.

I cannot say I have a complete understanding of verses 2-6 so I will not try to explain them.
It is not necessary anyway to make my point.

verse 7 is speaking of Moshaic ben David AND HaShems chosen ones when it says MY shephard.

This is psalms 2.

Strike down THE shephard is about the little horn(dan7,8,Is.14) and those who will not turn from their sin and follow Torah.

it matters not which of the two sticks they are from.

verse 8 thruout the EARTH,two thirds shall die....".

This is why jews were burned in ovens by the nazis; to fake the fulfilment of prophecy even though they had to kill as many children as people are in gaza and put them in ovens.

judgement comes, even though it seems delayed. Europe is in the swath of the sun of righteousness.

The outlook is simple, those who rebel against following HaShems laws, no matter Jew or Ephraim, no matter in Europe or Israel will die.

you will find that both europe and the USA have waxed perverse and many in Israel are no different.
My country should adjust the words of the star spangled banner to "the land of the effete' and the home of the depraved.
The minons of the enowsh hate HaShem and HIS teaching AND those who folllow it.


Anonymous said...

An attempt to chronicle events in Tanack from march 20th 2015 back to Zachariah 12.

I will be using the Tanack as it speaks(NewJPS) since at this time I have not had time to double check the Hebrew.

We know from the dead sea scrolls that prior to Romes occupation,Jews knew that Kittim was the head of Asshur(Assyria references).

When this is understood, then it makes sense of why Isaiah14: 24 speaks of asshur rather than kittim, since the context of this chapter is about the little horn,son of enowsh(Lucifer-son of the dawn).This person comes from Rome, not Asshur or Assyria.

It is his armies that originate in that geographical area of Assyria.

The mapping of the little horns army and how they will advance be is in Isaiah 10:24-32. Using the footnotes we can follow the advance:

He advanced apon Ai.
Proceeded to migron,
baggage at Michmas,
They made the crossing
,Geba is the night quarters,
Ramah is alarmed.
Gibeah of saul took flight
Bath gallim cries shrilly.
hearken Laisha
,Anatoth takes up the cry.
Madmenah ran away,
gebeim seeks refuge,
The same day at nob...

Basically, they come to jeshimmon, area of south east corner of the Jordan valley.

Here is where the Bozrah sacrifice is spoken of in Isaiah 34.

HaShem intervenes. The rest of this has already been discussed in previous comments.

My point for starting here in march20th in Isaiah 10 is to show that apparently Zepahaniah 1:4-14 is not about march 20th 2015.

The advance of ratzingers army is halted by HaShem in jeshimmon.

The areas mentioned in zeph1_10-11 are quarters of Jerusalem.

I do not know Jerusalem that well.

There seem s to be a presence of Ephraim/catholic church and arabs and jews.

This is why I suggest that this time of trouble comes from NOT outside of Israel ,but by those already IN Israel.

This then would focus Zachariah 12s Judahs' devouring of the enemy left and right.gaza and Samaria,jerusalem.

Those men who "sit on their lees and say that HaShem will do neither good OR bad are plundered.
Those who live in Mishneh and Machtesh.

One last observation: When Balaam spoke his last prophecy about the sons of tumult, he was looking at the area of jeshimmon(as far as I can determine)

This shows the presence of Moshiac ben David.

Jeremiah 30:21 seems to say that Ben David is in Israel,based on balaams prophecy before mar.20th 2015, after zachriah 12, but by haggais2:20-23 24th day of nineth month.

So, Zachriah 12 is to happen as is the end of the 4th beast by this time frame precluding the Iddawn(winter solstice) of 2014.

As this Iddawn(winter solstice) is a brief time of repite.

I will close these thoughts with one last admonition:

Zephaniah 2:1-3 Gather together, gather.
Oh nation without shame.
BEFORE the day the DECREE is born.
(before)The day flies by as chaff.

This is a reference to daniel2s destruction of the image that collapses and blows away like chaff in the wind.

The rest of chapter two is worth contemplating as well.

We are admonished to repent and follow HaShems laws because the day is close after Zach 12 occurs.



Anonymous said...

Correcting the error of including Zephaniah 1:10-11 with Zachariah 12:1-7a.

In the above commentary I erred in putting the events in the Jerusalem quarters of Mishneh and Machtesh at the same time as zacheriah 12:1-7a.

I should have known better, but sometimes the volume of scriptures can run together.

The reason Machtesh and Mishneh belong at the time of march 20th 2015(possibly the evening of march 19th) is the reference to "All who weigh silver"

As I said before, I am ignorant of the position of these two areas of J'lem.
Are they financial and Christian areas? I dunno.

The mention of the weighing of silver is what connects this time to the end.Isaiah33:17-18 speaks of when those who weigh(silver) disappear.

The beauty of the King is reapeated in Psalms 48. This psalms mentions the destruction of the towers.
The towers are mentioned in Isaiah 33:18.

The towers are connected to the time of the silver/weighing and the towers are connected to the time of the sun of righteousness(7fold light) in Isaiah 30:25-26.

I suppose one could then elaborate on what is being said of this time thruout Zephaniah 1. but I will hold those thoughts for today.

The important thing is to understand, for the IDF to understand, where we are now and what is coming.

Zachariah 12:1-7a is the final end of hamas and samaria.

Judah devours on the right and left because of HaShems intervention.

The question remains when this chronology begins and ends.

I will start another segment to show where we are TODAY, concerning Gaza.


Anonymous said...

Isaiah 14:29-30.

If we remember that HaShem tells us the end from the beginning, then this last segment is previous to the time of the end of Kittim/Asshur/Ratzinger.

Rejoice not, all Philistia
(end of thought)
The staff of him that smote for you is broken.(Arafat died).

From the stock of a snake(Abu Mazen) there sprouts an asp(Hamas)

A flying seraph(see Isaiah 30:6c-7)branches out from it.

This flying seraph are Hamas'missles.

It shall kill your(hamas') offspring from its venom.

Hamas continues to fire the missles.

The result of this "venom"(explosions) coming into Israel requires Israel to eliminate the threat.

This has resulted in death to Gazans.

And it shall slay the very last one of you(hamas).

So, sometime thru this attrition of Hamas' missle attack, samaria will rise against Judah, to finish Zachariah 12s prophecy of judahs victory.

In the end, Gaza shall be forsaken(Zeph.2:4)

Perhaps the gazans will have their fill of Hamas and Gaza and go into Egypt to fulfil the prophecy of Isaiah19:18,

In that day 5 cities in the Land of Egypt speaking canaan and swearing loyaty to HaShem, will be called the cities of the sun(mar.20th sun of righteousness).

We are in this now in gaza.

The only reference I can find as to the end of this seems to be the last winter solstice(2014)spoken of in Daniel.

Perhaps there is an end closer to our time today, but I cannot specifically tell.

I do feel that the end of zach12:7a is the time of Israel dwelling safely spoken of when Gog comes to Israel in march 20th 2015.

I feel certain that Ratzinger will attempt to alter these correct times just as Daniel says.
Just as he tried to do in the "week" truce.
(manipulating daniels 70 weeks as being actual weeks, and this week would be the last week concerning a peace treaty)

Thankfully, Israel saw thru that.

There is still a threat that he will want to time something to focus the spring equinox as the fall equinox, so vigilance is needed.

the rapturists are not going to be any help. They are too easily manipulated. Revelation has them every which way.

There is also the matter of November 8-9(krystalnackt) anniversary.
Kaiser Wilhelm in 1922 married a widow.

Hitlers Putch.

Also, the phoney festival made up by jeroboam for the calves(15th day of the 8th Hebrew month) falls around this time usually.

Let me stop here so I don't run out of word allowance and continue this thought below.


Anonymous said...

Israel simply needs to persevere, continuing to eliminate hamas.

HaShem has now made the world a busy place and the focus is not ALL about Israel today.

Isis has taken the spotlight.

Ukraine is still simmering.

Internal conflicts in nations that would interfere.

All Israel has to do is ignore the pressures to capitulate. HaShem will keep them all too busy to really be able to do anything other than talk.

If one understands what isaiah9:7-11 is actually saying, those nations that deliberately set up immigration of Moslems(usually twice the population of its jews), so that they could manipulate them against the jews to leverage Israel actions, today, they now have to face those moslems.

isaiah9;7 My LORD loosed Jacob(Judah) from terror,

and it fell upon Israel(Europe/Usa).

The moslems called Palestinians that have emigrated to Europe are not all of the same tribes.

Those of gaza are referenced here as Philistia and those of samria/Jordon are actually of Aram.

it is the Israel of Europe that will be devoured.

All Judah has to do is continue to persevere.

Today I read in the news that the PM of England is keeping the passports of terrorists so that they stay in England.
(I would think he would want them OUT of the country).

Frances population was polled and 27% approve of ISIS and a caliphate.

All Judah has to do is stay the course.


Anonymous said...


Also last night frances foreign minister called for a "group of nations" to all fight against ISIS.

He included Iran in the group.

Ever wonder what the catalyst would be for Persia to join Gog-Magog(NATO).

The call came last night.

The end of the 4th beast should be next.

Ratzinger has promised ISIS the plum of Saudi Arabia/mecca.

A group of nations including Saudi Arabia, Jordon,iran,turkey, and the USA would be a formidable force.

Therefore, Ratzinger will have to upset that equation.

AM Yisrael Chai.


Anonymous said...

A further clarification of the aug.12th comment on Isaiah10.

The army of Ratzinger is not ISIS, but those listed in Psalms 83.

The excuse for them being in Jordon is to fight ISIS.

Psalms 83 mentions the intervention of HaShem as in midian and the time of Deborah/barak and the wadi kishon.

The wadi kishon event matches the perrazim events spoken of in Isaiah 28.

These nations such as Saudi Arabia(edom) Philistia-gaza to Lebanon/tyre,are already arming themselves.

Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon are buying billions in weapons from the United states.


Anonymous said...

A Day of Contemplation of HaShems' Mercy.

As an American citizen, I can still remember vividly where I was on September 11th 2001, and what I felt when I heard the news.
A sort of numbness best describes the initial reaction.

When I was able to accumulate the total story of that day, I realized(along with others) that HaShem had been merciful.

Those Saudis COULD have planned their attack for a later time of day: the toll could have been ten times higher.

Israel too, has been blessed by a specific mercy of HaShems' this month.

The info coming from the Gaza War showed a twelve year plan for a coordinated attack was brought to naught.

Here too, our toll could have been much higher.

So, as we anticipate HaShems' deliverance, perhaps Levi can be instrumental.(pun intended)

Isaiah30;29 speaks of a festival.

We have a few coming this month.

When David escaped Saul, we are shown that mikva was a mandate for the new moon festivals.

Many in Judaism provided such for the IDF who desired to do so during the Gaza War.

I suggest that those of Levi: no matter whether you wear Yalmulke, Fedora, or Cossack style head covering, give our people the opportunity to CONCIOUSLY come before HaShem.

To give HIS command an opportunity as well, to effect personal change by showing those who try, that something has happened within them.

I can think of no greater gift to HaShem for HIS mercies than obedience to HIS command.

Even if one is unbelieving and skeptical, though willing to take the chance for an "epiphany"(for my lack of a better word), one starts somewhere.

It is Levi who should be giving our people that chance for the experience.(You don't need a Kenneset bill) One that some would not ordinarily seek out.

Of course, the construction/method should be simple.

I still hold that march 20th next year will show a re-arranged topography, so no grand permanent structures need be planned.

And ,in a day of contemplations;

I also wonder if our descendant of David would be just as happy sitting on a bulldozer, as a throne.

"Oh give thanks to HaShem, for HIS mercies endure forever"

Am Yisrael chai,


Anonymous said...

P.S. to ben David comment:

The thought is that ben David would be just as content sitting on a bulldozer(perhaps cutting in the staircase of the Mountain), as he would be taking his place on the throne.


Anonymous said...


Isaiah 54 speaks of our time as like the days of Noah.

Those who had been watching Noah build an ark for 120 years probably paid little attention when he finally entered it.

They probably paid little attention to the rain starting a week later and just began moving to higher ground.

I suppose that they wondered why the water was still rising after 40 days(from the volcanic displacement in the oceans),but still continued to move higher.

110 days later there was no longer any higher land to move to.

So prophecy intimates that our times will be unrecognizable to many.

October 19ths siding springs comet pass at mars was daniel7s vision of the throne of the Ancient of Days.
It is the fulfilment of Isaiah 14s cutting down of the Daystar.

The next thing Daniel sees is the fiery end of the 4th beast.

October 19th to march 20th 2015s solar eclipse is 150 days, just as the days of Noah.

The judgement seat has been set.



Anonymous said...

The image of Nebuchadnezzar in Daniel 2 was shown to be pierced,initially,on the winter solstice.
It is later(mar 20th-spring) that the collapse comes.
The two caldean words are similar in sound, but one means "to fracture" and the other means"to turn to dust"(chaff).

The last winter solstice of Daniel 7-8 is next week.