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King Messiah

Phase 1
Cleansing period
Daniel 70 weeks of 7: –9:24 Seventy weeks have been decreed for your people and your holy city until the measure of transgression is filled and that of sin complete, until iniquity is expiated, and eternal righteousness ushered in; and prophetic vision (“Prophecy of all the Tanakh”) ratified, and the Holy of Holies (“ King Messiah”) anointed.

The mystery is a total of 9 and half years approximately (70x7=490 weeks) was given or fixed for the Messiah to usher righteousness and take off the seal on prophecies as well ratified all prophetic vision.
9:25 You must know and understand: From The issuance of the word (from the Messiah) to restore and rebuild Jerusalem (not a temple but the entire City) until the time of the anointed leader (“King Messiah”) is seven weeks (7x7=49 weeks); and for sixty weeks (60x7=420 weeks) it (Beis Hamikdash) will be rebuilt, square and moat, but in time of “distress”.
Explanation:After the Messiah, traveling from West to east, set foot in the land between 2013 to 2014  . From that date it will take a period of 49 weeks, then the Messiah will usher to restore and rebuild Jerusalem.

End of Phase 19:26 After those sixty-two weeks (62x7=434 weeks), the anointed (King Messiah) one will disappear and vanish.

Explanation: After a total of 483 weeks of Salvation, The Messiah will be thrust through. After three and half day, he will stand up, dust himself up and then disappear and vanish. After that hell will break lose on earth. A great show down [(war) Dan 12 - During the time of tribulation, one of the two Messiahs or the two lampshades that stands before the God Of all earth ask each other a question: When will the tribulation end, The Kingly Messiah responds to the Priestly Messiah, He lifted His right hand and his left hand to heaven: For a time, times and half a time; when the breaking of the power of the holy people weaken. It will be a total amount of a thousand two hundred and ninety days(1290). During the end of that period of time, the Messiahs will be cut off. Happy to those on earth who live to see the next following fourty five days] Will occur which will be follow by the great and last judgment: The chastisement (about 20 thousand k temperature) of the Human race.
Only the one chosen by God since the beginning of time will be spare of God last judgment (chastisement) on earth. The seventh one ???????? After that a great and catastrophic impacts of an average star traveling the space and then collide with planet earth. There will be flashes of lightning, rumblings, and peals of thunder, and earthquake and a violent hailstorm. Only the sons of light will be spare but the son of darkness(terrorist/wicked/nonbeliever) will be cremate alive or consume.
Phase 2
Eternal Salvation
After this saga, there were loud voices in heaven, saying the kingdom of the world now belongs to God and to his Anointed (Jewish King true Messiah), and he will reign forever and ever.

Dan 12:1-3 At that time, your people will be rescued, all who are found inscribed in the book. Many of those that sleep in the dust of the earth will awake, some to Eternal life, others to reproaches, to everlasting abhorrence. And the knowledgeable will be radiant like the bright expanse of sky, and those who lead the many to righteousness will be like the stars forever and ever.

Never has so much been written about someone about whom we know so little. Scholars and laymen alike gaze through this mysterious cloud that shrouds the son of David. Detailed and elaborate belief systems bound together by multiple doctrines, dictates, and tales would seem [if it were possible] to confine and contain G-d's anointed.Although Moshiach's identity may be secret, ancient prophetic passages provide clues to his identity. 

We will focus on the "peshat-simple" and the "sod or secret" nature of the coming son of David.There is no greater mystery than the identity of Moshiach ben David. Moshiach who is represented by the number "8" waits in hiding. He peeks through the windows and peers through the crevices not wanting to be seen, behaving as if he's ashamed of his appearance.

 Why does he hide his face from the Jewish community? What is he waiting for? Why doesn't he come already?Unfortunately, he is in no spiritual condition to make himself known. We are taught Moshiach tarries, I believe the procrastination on Moshicah's part is a time of cleansing, reproving, and spiritually preparing himself for his bride, Yisrael. It is in his weakened condition that he is seen as one who stands behind their wall peeking through the windows at his bride, he is lovesick. His outward appearance is as a gentile for it says of him,Many years had passed between Moshe looked in on Israel and his eventual return to lead them out of Mitsrayim. How many years will transpire between Moshiach looking through the window to actually knocking on the door? While Moshiach tarries, Israel sleeps.I believe with perfect faith in the coming Messiah; and though he tarry, I will wait daily for his coming.

"Why does Moshiach "tarry" or procrastinate? In the Tenach, ha sefer Shir harimShi 2:9 [Song of Songs] we are given insight into the early relationship between Moshiach and his bride Israel.Lack of knowledge from the chosen people prevents Moshiach from making his appearance.

Why is Moshiach concealed and hidden among the gentiles? Could it have been the Holocaust or some other tragic event that lead to the concealment of the son of David? It's any ones guess what might have triggered the separation but one thing is for certain, in the latter days just prior to the revelation of Moshiach the son of David is a resident of Edom.At last Moshiach makes his appearance! The one who was previously standing behind the lattice is now spiritually strong enough to knock at her door. Why does Moshiach knock? Only a stranger knocks before entering. The owner of the house will not quickly open to a stranger. Moshiach will have severed all religious allegiance with Edom/Christianity (see Modern day Edom) but his love for the people in the Christian community will never be extinguished.

 This is a universal Messiah who is able to sincerely empathise with people from all walks of life because he is a part of the whole. But, he must return to the faith of his fathers and what he believes to be true. It is written,"Surely I have cleansed my heart in vain,[in Edom] and washed my hands in innocency; for all the day I have been stricken, and chastised every morning. If I had said, I will tell a story like that,[Christian Gospel] behold, I should have offended against the generation of thy children."[children of Israel] Psalms 73:15"The generation of thy children" is the Jewish generation who will witness and welcome Moshiach's arrival. The son of David will have completed his long and gruelling return to Judaism having prepared himself so as to be acceptable before his bride, Yisrael. This is what is meant when he says,"I have washed my feet". Unfortunately, Israel became weary waiting for his arrival. After all many false messiahs (including Yeshuah) came previously knocking at her door.


Anonymous said...

Tanakh shows HaShems' promise of two Moshiacs.

The Moshiac ben Aaron is to come first.
The Moshiac ben David comes in our time.
Daniels 70 weeks are for the first appearance of the Moshiac ben Aaron.(Malachai3:1....even now he is coming)

The start of the 490 years is to begin AFTER the recinding of the prior commands by Cyrus and Darius.

This is shown in Ezra as the 7th year of Artexerxes. He has recinded the commands of cyrus and darius saying that work would halt UNTIL he gave the order to move forward.
He gave such and order in his 7th year-459bce.

The Moshiac ben Aaron(the Nagyd)came in 25ad.
Was killed(zebach)in 29ad.
He is to start his visitation as the Moshiac of the Karat(covenant not karat -cutoff)at the beginning of the 70th week-25ad.
He will sit with HaShem(psalms110:1) until Moshiac ben David comes and build the temple.

Then moshiac ben Aaron appears at this temple suddenly(malachai3...and the adon you are looking for will suddenly come to the temple.)

Daniels 70th week ended in 32ad.

Jermiahs 70 year prophecy about Babylon was from 599bce to 529bce.

A period of another 70 years passes from 529bce to 459 bce.
This may be the double punishment reference of jeremiah 16:18.

either way, the correct starting point for the 490 years is connected to the recinding of the original commands.


Anonymous said...

Daniel 11:14
"In those times ,many will resist the king of the south,and the lawless sons of your people will assert themselves to confirm the vision, but they will fail."(New JPS Tanakh)

It is important to understand that the book of Daniel is primarily a chronology of the actions of the kingdoms of the image.(dan 2)
All the way to the end of the dominion of such, the "when" of it, and, their destruction.

Prophets like Isaiah tend to speak to the actions of HaShem concerning various players and Jacobs descendants.

Jeremiah speaks of the history of Judah and their future(along with the balance of Jacob).

The balance of the prophets address clarifying points to all the above, as does Psalms.

So ,why is Daniel 11:14 so important?

It addresses a time of illusion perpetrated by those who manipulate events to make themselves appear as the fulfilment of the total vision of Israels' dominion.

We know this takes place BEFORE the correct time of the coming of Dan.9s' Moshiac Nagyd, for daniel11:22 speaks of the time of Rome and the Herodian line of Kings that ruled at the correct time of this Moshiac ben Aarons appearance.

If you are a Christian reading this, it should help to explain why the gospel renditions say that the Moshiac ben Aaron was considered by the priesthood of herods temple to be a son of david.(psalms 110:1)

This priesthood owes its rulership to the Maccabean times.
Ergo, to recognize that this Moshiac was the son of Aaron, rather than the son of david, would have made their further involvement in leading Israel MOOT.
It also shows that the herodian line was not interested in having competition(albeit an erroneous position by the high priest at that time), and allowed the Moshiac Nagyd(11:22) to die.

Channukka is celebrated on the 25th day of the 9th month.
Haggai2 speaks of the 24th day of the nineth month.
The impalement of the imadge is described by the word "mecha"

Therefore, by assoctiaing themselves by name(mecha-maccabee) and choreographing events(probably with the covert approval of the syrians), they attempted to be the fulfilment of Moshaic ben Aaron.

I would suggest that even the "light" Israel is supposed to see during the correct time of fulfilment of the dominion(in our day),was purported to be the miracle of the 8 days of the menorah.

If you follow the history of Herod the Greats actions you can see how he later attempted to be the fulfilment of the Moshiac of David, as well.

so that by the time daniels 70th week came ,this was the politico of the day.

History shows us that the priesthood started by the Maccabees was corrupt and ended up basically being a collector of gifts and tithes that were conveniently, ever-so-often-, raided by the Syrians.

Later,after romes takeover, rome took its share as well.
Tiberius had 20 times the amount in his treasury when he died, compared to when he started.

Herods temple was a cash-cow for rome.The priesthood had the franchise.