Sunday, September 21, 2014

Land that Moshiach will take over.

       During the Messianic era, the Kingdom of David will be reinstated…Israel shall possess her former possessions; this promise means that all the land G-D promised to Abraham shall be restored to Jewish control. This land includes all of Lebanon, most of Syria, two-thirds or all of Jordan, and the Negev Desert, right up to the Suez Canal.

King Moshiach/MI/ZA timeline: 5775-5778
 The order of his rulings:
"The King Moshiach/MI will arise and will fully restore the
Kingdom of David to its original esteemed sovereignty;  Moshiach/MI will first restore the border in 5774-5775. Second, Moshiach/MI will wipe out and clean the land of all terrorist. Third, Moshiach will then rebuild the Beis Hamikdashe while at the same time building a few millions houses and after in 5778 He will gather the remnants of Jews in exile."In 5778 King Moshiach/MI will spread the light of Neshama even maybe the light of Haya to all the Jews or perhaps if they all deserve it the light of Yechida.