Sunday, September 21, 2014

26 Elul 5774

Today spiritually, Moshiach/MI/ZA/Microprosopia/Small countenance/ the VAV/the Groom, will be introduce to the supernal assembly in heaven as the Messiah of heaven. Today Moshiach has reach a critical point in term of Wisdom, knowledge and intelligence. Today, we are on G-D jubilee starting on 09/21/64 to 09/21/2014.

   The son of David (i.e. Moshiach) will not come until all souls will be brought forth from the spiritual treasure called 'guf' ("body" in the heavens above)," which at the time of birth, becomes vested
into a physical, corporeal body.

 the neshamah, the soul, remain in its
lofty soul-treasure called guf, or the way it stands beneath the Throne of Glory (from where all souls come forth), but the soul must descend to earth (through birth), and then must use the soul powers to refine and elevate the materialistic world in and around the person. Through this endeavor we will bring Moshiach, a descendant of David.

 Breaking News: The last 3 masculine souls to leave the Guf are Michael(701) who is 8 years old, Gabriel(701) who is 6 years old, and the last soul to leave the Guf, Raphael (701) who is closed to 2 months old. All 3 are the son of Yean Mondestin for acrostic YM pronounce in Hebrew as MI. One problem, these brothers are not together yet,Michael is leaving separately from his 2 brothers