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Moshiach Birthday

Moshiach Birthday 

10 Sivan (5724)Today is Moshiach birthday.
Some is preaching the end of the world….wrong.We stand at the threshold of Moshiach (the "Son" who is sent by the forever hidden Father, the Germ of the Universe) looming on the horizon. He will lead humanity out of an era dominated by lying politicians and religious leader. In fact he will lead humanity into a planetary society, an era of global harmony and fullness.

Latitude and longitude of Moshiach place of birth:
18° 32' N/ 72° 20' W
………..Where Moshiach is now living
28° 32' N/ 81° 22' W

The Torah Reading for that Shabbat was:
Naso (Numbers 4:21 - 7:89)
This Torah portion describes the "blessing of peace" that the Kohanim (priests) are to pronounce every day. The Torah also recounts the offerings brought by each of the 12 tribes to the inauguration of the Tabernacle, the portable sanctuary that accompanied the Jewish people during their 40 years of wandering in the desert

On this Date in Jewish History:

Yahrtzeit of Kalonymus Z. Wissotzky, a famous Russian Jewish philanthropist who died in 1904. Wissotzky once owned the tea concession for the Czar's entire military operation. Since the Czar's soldiers numbered in the millions and tea drinking was a daily Russian custom, this concession made Wissotzky very rich. One day, Wissotzky was approached by the World Zionist Organization to begin a tea business in Israel. He laughed at this preposterous idea: the market was small, the Turkish bureaucracy was strict, and tea leaves from India were too costly to import. Jewish leaders persisted, and Wissotzky started a small tea company in Israel. After his death, the tea company passed to his heirs. Then in 1917, the communists swept to power in Russia, seizing all of the Wissotzky company's assets. The only business left in their possession was the small tea company in Israel. The family fled Russia, built the Israeli business, and today Wissotzky is a leading brand of tea in Israel, with exports to countries worldwide -- including Russia.

Ben Gordon said: He is right in our midst, standing next to us in a crowd. We take no notice of him because we see only our own needs and ourselves. When will he be able to reveal himself? When will the time come? It must be now, because time as we know it is ending. Either we will reveal him or Hashem will.

Hurdle 1:
Some Rabbi said: Although in chronological order, the advent of Moshiach will precede techiyas hamaisim [the Resurrection], special individuals will nonetheless be resurrected prior to Moshiach's coming. It is true but there is a gross misunderstanding of it, which is base on timing.

Hurdle 2:
Some Rabbi said: Prior to Moshiach’s coming Elijha is the ultimate one, chosen to reveal Moshiach to the Jewish world. It is true; but how and when will you know who is Elijha and will you believe him?

Moshiach himself is present, existing now in the world. We are standing at the threshold of the messianic era. The leader of the generation is on the verge to remove the concealment, reveal himself as well as the truth. The arrival of the righteous redeemer will automatically initiate the dawn of redemption. The rest of the world will be invited to study his teachings and follow his instructions (chochma, bina and da’as) since our generation is the final generation of Golus and the first generation of the Geulah…

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